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Historic Football Legends Join Sorare Fantasy Football

sorare legends NFT fantasy football

Sorare has announced the Legends XI, 11 legendary football players that will have a presence in the NFT-powered fantasy football game. Each of the eleven legend cards represents a historic season in the player’s career, and some players might have two cards at different clubs. The Legend cards also have utility in the fantasy football game.

A Legend card takes the place of the highest scoring player of their club in their position. So Ronaldo Nazario de Lima’s PSV card will earn the highest scoring card out of all of PSV’s attacking players. Yes, this means that a Legend card basically gives you multiple options in a clubs line-up: defense, midfield and attack.

Sorare will introduce Legends Special Weekly tournaments once per month, allowing users to use their cards in special tournaments with special prizes. However, these special cards can’t be used in the regular Global All-Star or regional tournaments.

Every week day Sorare will drop a new legend card on the market, starting on Friday with the first one: Ronaldo. The entire line-up of the first Legends XI are the following players: Iker Casillas, Fabio Cannavaro, Franz Beckenbauer, Javier Zanetti, Steven Gerrard, Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini, Diego Maradona, Andriy Schevchenko, Marco van Basten, and Ronaldo Nazário.

Sorare extends free-to-play mode

Instead of having just 8 rounds to play Sorare for free, the Rookie League can now be played without restrictions. This will give the game more options for those not able to put money in, while still enjoying the fun of a fantasy football game. Giving players more options is something they’ve been doing for some time, for example with the introduction of the yellow Limited cards.

Until recently Sorare offered four types of cards with each a different rarity. The light grey common cards aren’t stored on the blockchain, and serve as a free-to-play option for the game. However, the red, blue and brown ones are all NFTs. Each season there are a maximum of 100 red cards per player, 10 blue cards and 1 brown card. The addition of the 1,000 yellow Limited cards, means that players have a cheaper alternative.

In Division 5 players will need 5 Limited cards. Sorare doesn’t allow the common grey ones and the rare red ones in Division 5. In Division 5 gamers can win more Limited Cards and ETH prizes for when they reach the podium. For now Limited cards can’t be used in Division 4.

How to play Sorare

You can play Sorare for free, but that takes away lots of the excitement to be fair. You need to purchase collectible player cards, and the players on these cards will become your team. Each game week you select the players, each represented by an NFT card, of which you think they will perform best.

For every game week managers will need to select a team from the player card collection. They will need one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one attacker and an extra field player. Players earn points based on the real-life performance of those players. Therefore players that play regularly, are active in winning team, hardly make mistakes, and score a lot of goals, are generally valuable. Each card can only be used once during a game week, but if you have enough cards you can join in multiple leagues.

If you make enough points, you will earn 0.01 or 0.02 ETH. Are you among the best? Then you will receive a free card, which are much more valuable. Learn more on how to play and earn in Sorare here, or sign up for the game here.

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