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Tower NFT Sale on Binance Marketplace

tower token NFT chests

Animoca Brands brings an NFT sale for its upcoming Tower blockchain game to Binance Smart Chain. Starting on November 5th, players and speculators alike can purchase NFTs that include content for Crazy Defense Heroes as well as the in-development tower defense game.

For quite some time, Animoca brands has allowed players of Crazy Defense Heroes to earn TOWER tokens by accomplishing milestones and competing in playto-earn events. As their new tower defense game creeps ever closer to launch, players have a chance to get in ahead of the action by purchasing Tower Tickets and Mystery Boxes during this special sale on Binance.

Tickets are basically an NFT pack, holding NFTs for two different games. Crazy Defense Heroes rewards from the tickets include starter kits, high-level avatar packs, daily gems, and VIP points.

However, details on the Tower NFTs are not yet available, but they promise they will be different from the NFTs in the Tower chest sale back in May. Each level of ticket has certain guaranteed rarities. For example, the Gold Ticket guarantees a minimum of two, 3-star epic cards. See the chart in the image for details.

Sales begin at Binance NFT on November 5th, 11am UTC, and require BUSD for purchases. All items are limited.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes contain avatar skins. Sixteen medieval themed skins in 4 varieties (N, R, SR, and SSR in increasing rarity). There will be 15,000 Mystery Boxes in total. 450 reserved for community giveaways, the remaining 14,550 available during the sale. Maximum purchase of 20 Boxes per account.

And for the collectors, anyone who manages to collect all 16 skin varieties before midnight UTC on Nov 14th receives a special airdrop! Two SSR (the rarest) avatars, one male, one female. These will be a limited edition.

A bit more about TOWER

Animoca Brands is working on transforming their free-to-play titles, which make up a considerable part of their revenue, into blockchain-enabled play-to-earn games. They are doing this by adding play-to-earn mechanics to their games, starting with Crazy Defense Heroes and Crazy Kings. The TOWER token is central to this new ecosystem.

TOWER is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used in both Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. This same token will ultimately also be used in the upcoming Tower game. Token holders will have governance and voting rights on the game’s direction. In addition these tokens will be part of decentralized finance initiatives, including staking. Details have yet to be revealed on those subjects.

Token owners use their money to mint new NFTs. These cards have different powers, values and rarities. Last but not least, there will be tournaments with entry fees and which players can also win tokens.

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