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Moonshot Voyage Coming to Enjin

moonshot voyage enjin safemoon inu SMI token

The top-down shooter Moonshot Voyage is the next game coming to Enjin Jumpnet. The game will feature play-to-earn mechanics, and allows players to spend their SMI tokens on NFT characters, weapons and other tokenized game items. An early version of the game will release by the end of this year.

Moonshot Voyage is a blockchain-powered game developed by a team called Safemoon Inu. They have their own SMI token, and that token will now become the bread and butter of their play-to-earn ecosystem. Players can earn the token through gameplay, and can spend it on improvements for their character. Moonshot Voyage will also be the first game on the SMI Play online gaming platform.

Enjin’s Jumpnet is a sidechain solution away from Ethereum. On this Enjin native blockchain developers and gamers can transfer and mint NFTs without worrying about gas fees. The native ENJ token still plays an important role though, as every NFT in the ecosystem is backed by ENJ tokens.

What is Moonshot Voyage?

Moonshot Voyage is a top-down shooter in which players need to find the Moonshot rocket while defeating hordes of enemies. Gamers own their own NFT characters, and can upgrade these by finding or buying NFT weapons and other game items.

In the game players can create value by unlocking NFTs in the form of weapons, characters, and spaceship decorations. In addition there are rare NFT assets which they can use to clear the more challenging levels. SMI token holders will have a bigger chance of finding rare items.

Each day, “Raid” levels will also give players the chance to earn a free NFT item, which they can use in the game. Furthermore, they of course have the option to sell these assets, or melt / destroy them in return for its Enjin Coin (ENJ) cryptocurrency backing.

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