Laguna Games to Launch Crypto Unicorns

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Game studio Laguna Games has announced a $5 million seed round to develop its NFT-powered game Crypto Unicorns. Next month they will launch their first NFTs, a total of 10.000 Unicorn Eggs. Ultimately the game world will allow players to be part of a digital pet nation, with a player-owned economy.

The developers received funding from Bitkraft Ventures and Delphi Digital, which are investment groups that have also backed projects like Axie Infinity, Ember Sword, Immutable and Yield Guild Games. In addition Polygon Studios supports the funding round, suggesting the Crypto Unicorns will at least come to the Polygon blockchain.

In the world of the Crypto Unicorns, there will be all kinds of activities. However, every unicorn has certain skills. Some will be really good at racing, but they might suck at jousting or battling. The developers expect to develop a variety of gaming activities alongside the original farming gameplay. Farming gameplay will require land NFTs, while the different sports require Unicorn NFTs.

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Crypto Unicorn will also feature its own token, the Rainbow token or RBW token. This will become a governance token for the Unicorn universe. Players use these tokens to evolve their unicorns or breed new unicorns. Furthermore there will be staking and voting mechanisms in place. Ultimately the token needs to establish community governance over the project. There’s also another token, Unicorn Milk (UNIM). Players earn this one from in-game activities, and the token gets burned once its used.

The Genesis egg NFT sale will take place on November 15th. You can find the whitepaper for the project here.

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