Yield Guild Games Guide: How to Make Money, Pros, Cons, and Getting Started

yield guild

Yield Guild Games helps remove the barrier of entry to the play-to-earn world. Instead of investing money upfront, this guild helps players get started without a huge cost. 

In this short guide, we will dive into the intricate details of what Yield Guild Games is all about and how you can start making money from it.

What is Yield Guild Games (YGG)?

Yield Guild Games, or YGG for short, is a blockchain-based organization that pools funds together and invests in in-game NFTs for its members to play Metaverse games and earn rewards. YGG is one of the first yields to introduce the DeFi concept of Yield Farming into play-to-earn. 

YGG serves as a medium to lend in-game NFTs to its members who couldn’t afford to buy these NFTs on their own. YGG is a cooperative society on the blockchain that lends virtual assets to participate in P2E games. 

It’s good to clarify that YGG is not a game. Instead, it comprises many games including, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, League of Kingdoms, and others. 

Through the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) smart contracts, guild members get to decide and vote on the games they want to play. 

How does Yield Guild Games work?

Prospective players who want to join the YGG DAO will have to apply for scholarships. Once they are granted the scholarship, they will be given some NFTs to play games. As they play P2E games with the NFTs, some portion of the rewards go to them, their managers, and also the YGG treasury. 

The scholars will earn their rewards in crypto and NFTs, but they can turn that into fiat—or real-life money—by selling the crypto on an exchange and the NFT on a marketplace, respectively. In some cases, rather than cashing out with their rewards, some scholars retain their NFT rewards and use them to play for themselves. 

Although YGG is a DAO, it has a couple of subDAOs. The subdivision is necessary for optimal performance. The subDAOs are similar to various committees within an association. Each subDAO is to hold the assets of specific games in the trust of the main DAO and manage its activities. Similarly, the subDAOs have their community leads and peculiar principles. 

While the subDAOs have some autonomy to a large extent, they are still under the sovereignty of the main DAO, which is the YGG DAO. As a result, they carry out their activities in tandem with the overall goals of YGG DAO. 

The idea of subDAOs is to enhance specificity and mutual collaboration. For instance, the members of the League of Kingdom subDAO can strategize and work together on how they can play the game more successfully. 

Yield Guild Games scholarships

The process of obtaining YGG scholarships often differs from game to game. Once the scholars are onboarded, the managers often give them a brief orientation and mentorship on how to succeed in the gaming economy. 

The scholars don’t need to pay any amount at the start. But once they start earning rewards from their games, they will need to share the rewards with their managers. The rate with which the reward would be shared is defined in the smart contract. 

However, the scholars can’t transfer or sell their rented NFTs without the consent of the managers. Therefore, it is a secure win-win business model for both the managers and the scholars. 

How to make money as a scholar

Scholars can make money by playing games with the NFTs they rented, especially if they can do it for longer hours. However, most games in the YGG have a limit of hours with which you can play with an NFT. 

We must point out that the percentage of revenue division among the scholars, managers, and the guild depends on the individual games. Using Axie Infinity as a case study, here is the breakdown:

  • 70% – scholar
  • 20% – managers 
  • 10% – YGG DAO 

*Please note that due to the dynamic nature of scholarship programs, the below instructions are current as of the time of this writing but are subject to change often. For more support with the process, join YGG’s official Discord and Telegram groups.

To get started with the YGG scholar program, follow the guide below:

Step 1: Join the Yield Guild Games Discord.

Step 2: Click the “Complete” button in the blue prompt at the top of the server.

Step 3: Read the server rules and check the “I have read and agree to the rules” checkbox. Note: You may need to verify your Discord email and phone number to do this step. Click “Submit” to enter the server.

Step 4: Navigate to the #claim-your-roles channel and pick out which games you are interested in viewing in the Discord. Use the emojis below each message to pick out the appropriate game.

Note: The emojis are in order of the games listed in the message. So, for example, in the first message, Axie Infinity is the first listed game, so that corresponds to the first emoji. Aavegotchi, as the second listed game, corresponds to the second emoji, and so on for all the games.

Step 5: Navigate to the channel of the game that you are interested in. If the game has a scholarship, it will appear under the pinned messages of that channel. These can be accessed by pressing the thumbtack icon on the top Discord menu.

Step 6: Scroll through the pinned messages to find ones about scholarships. Follow the instructions in the message to apply as a scholar. If there is no scholarship message, the Guild is most likely not offering scholarships for the game at that time.

If you have questions about YGG’s scholar program, use the #scholarship-general channel to ask the leadership team. You can also use this channel to ask about games that are currently not offering scholarships. It may help to get more information about the team’s roadmap and whether or not they plan to open that game to scholars in the near future.

How to make money as a manager

Managers in YGG make money as they lend their NFTs to scholars. With any rewards of the scholars, the managers get 20% automatically via smart contracts. 

To create a more robust career as a manager in YGG, it’s smarter to manage two or three games. Although this requires more supervision, it triples the amount of funds managers can make. 

Currently, not much is public about the process of becoming a manager in YGG. As with other guilds, your best bet to become a manager is to get noticed by the guild leadership. Do this by participating in guild events, answering community questions, and generally being active and helpful. Previous experience managing teams is most likely also useful. After participating in the community for a few months, and maybe even becoming a scholar yourself, DM a member of the leadership team asking them for more details on how to become a manager.

Pros and cons of Yield Guild Games 


  • A DAO structure 
  • Fair revenue distribution percentage 
  • Easy onboarding experience 


  • Little token utility 
  • Insufficient token liquidity and listing 
  • Selective acceptance of scholarship applications 


A DAO structure 

One of the most sustaining models of the YGG is its existence as a DAO and further subDAOs. This ensures proper organization for the continual survival of the guild. 

Fair revenue distribution percentage 

The 70%-20%-10% revenue distribution mechanism among the scholars, managers, and the YGG DAO is fair and secure. Moreso, no party can cheat the others. 

Easy onboarding experience 

From the scholarship application to becoming a YGG scholar, scholars are given a proper orientation to the guild. 


Little token utility

Other than governance and covering transaction fees, the YGG tokens do not have much utility. 

Insufficient token liquidity and listing

The YGG tokens have a shortage of liquidity. While it is listed on centralized exchanges, it is not listed on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap and Uniswap. 

Selective acceptance of scholarship applications 

Although the whole process of a scholarship application should be fair and transparent, it is not always the case in real life. There are often allegations that some managers accept scholarship applications from those they know and pre-selected. 

Yield Guild Games history

What we know today as the Yield Guild Games was an idea of Gabby Dizon, a Filipino native – who has been a part of the play-to-earn economy since 2018. 

Dizon began by lending out his Axies to players who could not afford the hefty upfront cost.

Eventually, he met with his co-founders and together, they birthed Yield Guild Games. At the moment, YGG has transcended beyond Asia, and they now have members all around the world. 

Yield Guild Games games

Yield Games Guild games include:

  • War Riders 
  • Axie Infinity 
  • Crypto Unicorns 
  • Legends of Venari 
  • Star Atlas 
  • Vulcan Verse
  • Nitro Leagues 
  • Fancy Birds 
  • Vulcan Verse 
  • Beta Zed
  • Ember Sword 
  • Geng Pets 
  • Guild of Guardians 
  • The Sandbox 
  • Aavegotchi
  • Mavia 
  • Illuvium
  • Mobland
  • Splinterlands, among others

Yield Guild Games tokens

  • yield-guild-games
  • Yield Guild Games
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $39.4 M

The main token of Yield Guild Games is YGG, and it is listed on reputable aggregators such as Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. 

At the moment, YGG is tradable on more than 15 exchanges, including:

The YGG token serves as both a governance token and a native token. This means that the members of the DAO can use it to make decisions, and they can also use it to pay transaction fees respectively. 

Without prejudice to YGG, we must point out that the subDAOs also have their respective tokens. 

Yield Guild Games staking

The utility of the YGG token is beyond transaction fees payment and DAO participation, as you can stake the tokens and earn rewards. To stake your YGG tokens, you will need to lock them up in a vault; a smart contract where the funds of a community are stored. 

You should bear in mind that since YGG has many games, it has various vaults, such as the Axie vault. 

Most importantly, YGG also has a mother vault where you can stake and farm yields from the smaller vaults. 

How to buy Yield Guild Games tokens

There are many reasons you might want to buy YGG tokens. It might be to participate in the governance, to trade, or even stake. So, “how do you buy Yield Guild Game tokens?”

Here is a step-by-step approach. You can use a decentralized exchange to buy YGG, however, some may find this quite complicated, so we will use a centralized exchange for this guide. 

You can go ahead and download FTX or Binance

Step 1: Fund your wallet 

Fund your centralized exchange wallet. For some, you can simply fund your wallet from your credit card. But for those in countries where there are stringent regulations against crypto, you can leverage P2P to fund your wallet. 

You may want to use stablecoins such as USDT, BUSD, or USDC. 

Step 2: Set the trading pairs 

Open your Binance, go to Trades, and click on the two lines at the edge of your left-hand side; this should show you a bar of trading pairs. Click on this bar and type YGG. Once you have done this, you will see the available trading pairs. 

In this case, the available trading pairs are USDT, BUSD, BNB, and BTC. So, you will need to have any of these four tokens to buy YGG tokens. You can’t use any other trading pairs outside of that. 

Step 3: Buy your YGG 

This is where you get to buy your YGG tokens. Go under the green button and buy what you’d like. If it is the case that you want to buy at a lower price than the current one, simply set a buy order. 


add remove Are Yield Guild Games games a good investment?

YGG appears to be a good investment due to the strong fundamentals of structure, utility, and popularity of the guild. However, any investment can be risky and cause you to lose money.

add remove What does Yield Guild Games do?

YGG serves as a medium to lend in-game NFTs to its members who couldn’t afford to buy these NFTs on their own. YGG is a cooperative society on the blockchain that lends virtual assets to participate in P2E games.

add remove How high can Yield Guild Games go?

The YGG token can go as high as $11.50, which has been its all-time high.

add remove What is the Yield Guild Games coin?

The Yield Guild Games coin, YGG for short, is the native and governance token of the DAO.

add remove How do I buy Yield Guild Games?

You can buy the YGG token on popular exchanges such as Binance and Sushiswap.

John Fáwọlé is a blockchain technical writer and Solidity developer who likes to break down hardcore blockchain concepts for everyone to understand.