Crypto Unicorns to hold Land sale after sell-out Unicorn Egg event

crypto unicorns NFT land unicorn sale

Crypto Unicorns will hold the first of three Land NFT sales on December 15th.  They will sell 9,000 Land plots in total.  Each sale of Land will consist of 6,000 Common, 3,000 Rare and 1,000 Mythic plots.  Phase two and three of the land sale will take place on January 15th 2022, and February 1st 2022 respectively.

As with Unicorn Genesis Eggs launched in November, Land NFTs come in different types.  When matching a Unicorn with the same class of Land a player receives benefits with harvesting, gathering and crafting becoming more efficient.

To participate in a land sale will require whitelist registration.  To get maximum participation from the gaming community a purchase limit per wallet will be implemented.  Each wallet can purchase a maximum of 4 plots of land and no more than 1 Mythic and 2 Rare.

Crypto Unicorns Land Plots

Common Land comes in 6 different types, Moon, Crystal, Heart, Cloud, Candy, and Flower. When a common land is an exact match for Unicorn class, a player receives the efficiency benefits.

Rare Land comes in each of the three different class groups. Rare land provides benefits for any unicorn within an entire group.

Mythic Land only comes in one type and will provide benefit to every type of Unicorn.  This land will be sought after as it’s not only the most beneficial but also the rarest.

The Land Sale will go live at 23:00 UTC Dec 15, 2021.

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What is Crypto Unicorns?

Crypto Unicorns is a Polygon blockchain-powered game by game studio Laguna Games.  Crypto Unicorns is centered around Unicorn NFTs which enable players to farm, joust, race and team RPG.  In order to Farm, players require Land NFTs.  Land NFTs are customizable to allow a player to express their unique style.  Resembling cute Claymation figures Crypto Unicorns are extra adorable digital pets and sure to win hearts.

Crypto Unicorn utilizes Rainbow token or RBW token. Rainbow is the governance token for the Unicorn universe. Players use these tokens to evolve their unicorns or breed new unicorns.  A second token, Unicorn Milk (UNIM) is earnt through in-game play.

While Crypto Unicorns will have a play to earn component, Laguna Games state their primary focus is “development of fun and compelling gaming experiences”.

Game studio Laguna Games previously announced a $5 million seed round to develop its NFT-powered game Crypto Unicorns. The developers received funding from Bitkraft Ventures and Delphi Digital, which are investment groups that have also backed projects like Axie Infinity, Ember Sword, Immutable and Yield Guild Games. Find out more about Crypto Unicorns by visiting the website or reading the whitepaper.

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