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Play and Vote on Crypto Unicorns Development

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Crypto Unicorns is prepared to expand their ecosystem with a new game, but first, they want to hear from the players about what kind of game to develop! Two prototype games are available to playtest, but the players will decide which one moves forward.

Crypto Unicorns is offering up a combination playtest and player governance vote for the development of their next official mini-game. Players with five or more Adult Unicorns can try out the two prototype games, and then vote on which one should be fully developed and launched!

Player governance has been a big buzzword in web3 gaming for some time now. But actual implementation of player chosen decisions has been ramping up recently. Crypto Unicorns joins in on the decentralized decision making with what they are calling Team RPG Prototype.

Team RPG Prototype features two playable games, a match 3 style game, and an auto-battler. Both of them revolve around assembling a team of five Unicorns and engaging in a PvP oriented competition. The games play in a browser. For this event, players can even use Unicorns that are busy in the core game. Even though it is just a test, there will be a leaderboard with rewards. Players can win badges and RBW tokens if they rank high enough.

Full details about both games can be found in this official blog post.

What is Crypto Unicorns?

Crypto Unicorns is a farming and pet ownership game with token staking, Unicorn breeding, and jousting! Players construct buildings, setup farms, upgrade lands, harvest crops, and breed unicorns. Players with multiple Land plots can connect them together and receive bonuses if the plots have matching traits. Occasionally, players can even receive the honor of having the opportunity to harvest rainbow unicorn turds!

Players will need at least one Unicorn NFT to play. They are currently going for as little as $10 on Open Sea. Though to make the most of the current gameplay you will also need a land NFT.

Crypto Unicorns also offers a Jousting event. Here Unicorns compete head to head in a battle consisting of three rounds. Players choose a stance and a boost for their Unicorn before the match and then watch the Joust results. Aside from a Unicorn, players also need a Ticket to enter the Joust. These can be crafted or won via Jousting. Higher tier Tickets are required for higher Tier Jousts. Players can win items and game currency by winning Joust matches and competing in seasonal leaderboards.

Crypto Unicorns features a two-token economy. In this case, the tokens are Rainbow Token (RBW) and Unicorn Milk (UNIM). Rainbow Token is the primary currency for Crypto Unicorns and provides DAO governance votes and rewards when staked. Unicorn Milk is used for in-game activities such as breeding and crafting.

To learn more about Crypto Unicorns, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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