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Pepper Attack NFT Holders Airdrop Announced

Pepper Attack Pass NFT

Pepper Attack will airdrop the Pepper Pass, a special membership NFT that rewards its holder with event invitations, MYTE tokens, special NFTs and more. The Pepper Pass comes in different qualities and will be distributed based on the user’s Pepper Attack NFT holdings later this month.

Everybody with a Mystic Pepper will get a Pepper Pass, but these passes come in different qualities. However, every pass will give players access to certain events, will reward players with MYTE tokens and will make them eligible for certain airdrops. The higher level your Pepper Pass, the more you will receive. For starters, those with a Gold or Dragon Pepper Pass will get access to the upcoming beta.

Cool, but what determines which Pepper Pass you get? Well, that would be the amount of Mytstic Pepper NFTs in your wallet. Everybody who owns 1 Mystic Pepper NFT character will get a Bronze Pepper Pass, while 6 Mystic Peppers get you a Silver Pepper Pass. These silver passes will come with improved rewards. With 11 NFTs users will get a Gold Pepper Pass, and the Dragon Pass will go to those with more than 51 Mystic Peppers.

The Pepper Attack development team will take a snapshot later this month. No investment advice, but this could be a good moment to jump in, because MYTE mining will launch in October as well. On November 1st, the price of a Mystic Pepper NFT will go up from 0.07 ETH to 0.15 ETH. You can simply go to, connect your Metamask wallet, buy a Mystic Pepper NFT and become part of the community.

pepper attack NFT mint

What type of game is Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack is an NFT-powered play-to-earn turn-based strategy game. To stop the evil Underlord of the Old World, five Pepper clans need to enter the Mythical World. Here players need to use their Pepper NFTs to battle through missions, while earning game items. Pepper Attack will feature both PVE and PVP rankings, allowing top players to earn extra rewards and of course MYTE tokens.

Pepper Attack also comes with a PVP arena mode, where players need to use 5 characters. Furthermore there will be events for competitive players, where the pros get to battle against the Underlord’s army.

Each Pepper character in the game is an NFT, but the Mystic Pepper ones are the only NFTs that can mine MYTE tokens. Each of them has hit points, attack power, critical hit chance, defense, and dodge chance. These traits determine how strong a Pepper is on the battlefield.

The road towards Pepperland

After the first Mystic Pepper NFT sale in July, the second NFT sale is currently on-going. So there’s still time to get involved, get those Mystic Pepper NFTs and become eligible for the upcoming airdrop. There’s no date set in stone yet, but the snapshot will happen later this month. Somewhere around the 15th of October the mining feature will begin. This will allow Mystic Pepper NFT holders to stake their characters and earn MYTE. This mining system is really meant as the initial distribution phase of MYTE. 

During the first mining phase 50% of the total 900 million MYTE supply will be distributed to miners. The rewards for staking are the highest during this phase, and when the supply depletes the rewards will be halved. Get your Mystic Pepper now for 0.07 ETH!

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