I can live off of cereal and beef jerky, and Identify as real life fringe class. I pride myself on being a self sufficient person. I can plant the seed that grows the tree to build my house, and most things in between. But my favorite is video games. I am 34 and I have been gaming since I bought Nintendo on release. I consider myself to be an OG, because I came from play to earn in the 90's - Ultima Online. (you could sell accounts and houses), and I am so happy to see it stronger than ever in 2021. I just want to share what I am passionate about, and well....take your gold.
  • Wrath of Tezca Early Stress Test Coming Next Week

    The turn-based strategy game Wrath of Tezca will have a stress test for NFT holders starting from October 27th. Gamers who want to participate will need to acquire a Brown Tezca Coin NFT through for example Atomic Hub. Wrath of Tezca is a strategy game on the Wax blockchain, infused with play-to-earn mechanics powered by […]
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  • Real Rewards Through Play-to-Earn in Farming Tales

    Farming Tales is an upcoming farming game on the Wax blockchain that allow players to earn tokens and redeem those for actual, physical rewards. This farming game uses all kinds of NFTs, from farmers to plots and their crops. Let’s take a look at the elements that set this game apart from the competition. I’m […]
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  • Coin Pirates Plundering onto Wax

    Coin Pirates is new play-to-earn game set for beta release in November and launching on the Wax blockchain. As a pirate you will need to find treasure, pilfer ships and earn those rewards. The game’s ecosystem allows players to stake tokens, earn and trade NFT, and grow your wealth as you pillage and plunder. Coin […]
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