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Protect the City and Earn NFT Real Estate in MyMetaverse

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The open-world adventure game MyMetaverse has released a token currency that allows players to earn a real estate NFT inside their blockchain-enabled Minecraft server. Players can earn these real estate tokens simply by playing the game, and they can then spend the tokens on land NFTs.

The play-to-earn (and own) process is quite interesting. First gamers need to win enough Capital Coins by fighting in the First Blood Arena. After that they can use these tokens to acquire real estate NFTs. The game takes place in a city called MetaCity, and players need to stop an incoming horde or monsters and demons.

MetaCity only has 70 NFT land plots available, so the competition to earn one will probably be fierce. Players can also create their own Minecraft games and make people pay Capital Coins in order to compete. The sky’s the limit. Each land plot NFT is an ERC-1155 token. Therefore players can change the name as often as they like, while the value of the land can be determined by all other NFTs that are inside the ERC-1155, or placed on the land parcel.

The creators of MetaCity promise that more land will open in the near future. Furthermore, they will add more battle arenas, a survival world and the ability to found villages and cities yourself. Keep in mind that all this takes place inside Minecraft.

Frankly, it’s quite a unique take on the play-to-earn mechanism. This allows everybody to commit to a game, battle through hordes of enemies, earn that coin, and spend it on your hard-earned real estate. Everybody who gets one of these land parcels, will have shown some serious commitment.

What is MyMetaverse

MyMetaverse isn’t restricted to Minecraft. The project has the ambition to connect multiple game worlds and apps into one interconnected entertainment ecosystem. Think about stuff like characters that live in multiple game worlds, quests across different worlds and so on. MetaCity in Minecraft is one of the first efforts, and more locations in Minecraft will follow. They already for example had Skyblock Quests and Survival: The Wilds. However, the team behind MyMetaverse is also working on a game in Roblox, called Godsands.

Further down the line you could think about The Sandbox, or perhaps a special Grand Theft Auto V server. The latter was already teased by studio boss Simon Kertonegoro. To make this all possible, MyMetaverse uses the tools from Enjin. With Enjin now running an entire ecosystem on their own Ethereum sidechain, it’s possible to mint and transfer NFTs without ever paying gas fees. This makes so much sense from a gameplay perspective.

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