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Addirktive Working on CityStates Domination

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Game studio Addirktive announced the web-based strategy game CityStates Domination, which will support NFTs on Wax and fungible tokens on Stellar. Essentially the developers want to put a quality game out on the Wax blockchain, instead of what they refer to as ‘low-effort gamified Ponzi schemes and Lootcrate-simulators’.

CityStates Dominion will feature various NFTs, representing land tiles and buildings. Players can destroy buildings if they want to change their tactics. You might say some NFTs function more as fungible tokens. Players will need to get a land tile to build upon, and acquire more to grow their city. Resource tokens will be issued on Stellar though.

CityStates: Domination is a completely independent game-concept with it’s own player base, leveling system and economy. So there’s no gameplay or progress overlap between Dominion and Medieval. However some NFTs like Heroes will be useable in both (cross-game usage).

Players can level up their castle, scout new locations on the map and build buildings. There will also be upgrading mechanics for buildings, or of course the option to demolish it. Furthermore, players can terraform a forest into plains.

It’s important to note that CityStates Domination does not take development efforts away from the pc game CityStates Medieval. Addirktive has a separate team working on the web game. However, CSM token holders will share in the revenue generated from both games, as both are part of the CityStates IP.

How to get in early

The developers will introduce various methods to get into CityStates Dominion. First of all, you can stake CSM and lock it for a certain period of time. Exact amounts have not been decided yet. In addition there will be limited amount of VIP passes sold as an NFT, while the team will also do some giveaways on social media. There are 3 types of VIP passes:

  • Gold VIP – First in Line during sales, receives Free StarterPack for both CS:DO and CS:M, early access to CS:DO, beta tester for CS:M.
  • Silver VIP – Second in Line during sales, receives Free StarterPack and early access to CS:DO.
  • Bronze VIP – Similar to Whitelisting in other projects. Users in this tier will get the chance to buy before the public sales start.

What is CityStates: Medieval

CityStates: Medieval is an empire building MMO strategy game for mobile devices and desktops. All assets exist on the Stellar network, while the game is governed through its CSM token. Players need to grow their city by gathering resources, crafting items and trade on the open market. In this play-to-earn economy the native HEX token comes into place. There are all kinds of businesses one could focus on, ranging from warfare to beer breweries and blacksmiths.

In CityStates players can decide what they build, where they place it and then switch things around if needed. For example, if a player sees a demand for certain resources, they will be able to change their buildings. However, your local economy (workers, soldiers etc.) also have needs players need to cater to.

The strategy game will feature five different troop types. Armor can make them stronger, but slower. While certain weapons reduce armor, but add attacking power. During PVP battles, players earn a percentage of the troops they kill. In addition the winner of a battle gets another percentage of the loser’s items. Of course there will be leaderboards. Players will also need to defend their cities, on they can setup an attack themselves. 

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