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CityStates Medieval Working Towards First NFT Sale

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Even though game studio Addirktive doesn’t have a solid date yet, the team wants to launch their first NFT sale for CityStates Medieval soon. This is most likely where the integration of the Wax blockchain comes into place, as gamers can now connect their Wax Wallet to the game’s dashboard. The studio always wanted their players to have options in moving their NFTs around.

In an earlier blog post the developers also noted that NFTs could be stored on Stellar, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Clearly we can now add Wax to that list. It would be quite revolutionary if players could mint a limited amount of NFTs across various blockchains, but we’ll see what happens.

The team has already teased some of their NFTs. For example, there will be 1,111 units of Magnus of which one thousand will be sold. The rest will be given away in promotions. There heroes provide a bonus to player armies.

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CityStates: Medieval is a strategy game that really uses different blockchain services for different purposes. Their HEX token exists on the Stellar blockchain, while the CSM governance token exists on Stellar and Binance Smart Chain. The recent integration of the Wax blockchain into their dashboard and the upcoming first NFT sale, highly suggest that CityStates: Medieval will give players to option to mint their NFTs onto Wax.

What is CityStates: Medieval

CityStates: Medieval is an empire building MMO strategy game for mobile devices and desktops. All assets exist on the Stellar network, while the game is governed through its CSM token. Players need to grow their city by gathering resources, crafting items and trade on the open market. In this play-to-earn economy the native HEX token comes into place. There are all kinds of businesses one could focus on, ranging from warfare to beer breweries and blacksmiths.

In CityStates players can decide what they build, where they place it and then switch things around if needed. For example, if a player sees a demand for certain resources, they will be able to change their buildings. However, your local economy (workers, soldiers etc.) also have needs players need to cater to.

The strategy game will feature five different troop types. Armor can make them stronger, but slower. While certain weapons reduce armor, but add attacking power. During PVP battles, players earn a percentage of the troops they kill. In addition the winner of a battle gets another percentage of the loser’s items. Of course there will be leaderboards. Players will also need to defend their cities, on they can setup an attack themselves. 

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