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Coin Pirates Plundering onto Wax

Coin Pirates battle screenshot

Coin Pirates is new play-to-earn game set for beta release in November and launching on the Wax blockchain. As a pirate you will need to find treasure, pilfer ships and earn those rewards. The game’s ecosystem allows players to stake tokens, earn and trade NFT, and grow your wealth as you pillage and plunder.

Coin Pirates has been building their ecosystem for quite some time, selling game packs and special assets through various presale events. Right now the CPR token also launched, and gamers can stake their tokens. It’s also possible to stake R-Planet and Kolobok NFTs, adding another way to get your hands on CPR tokens. However, the big milestone on the roadmap is the beta game launch in November.

In order to set sail in beta. A savvy pirate needs to buy a pack of either Captain, Officer, or Soldier, in descending rarity. Each pack includes a ship, crew member(s), and a shovel to dig up your treasure. Although only a ship pack is required to play. You can increase your earnings potential with ‘Technical Packs’. Technical assets are cannons, spy-glasses, pickaxes and more. Once you feel confident in your setup. You are ready to rally your crew, fan your sails, and get ready to hunt some treasure.

How to play Coin Pirates

Eventually all that plundering will fill up your boat or perhaps get you ‘killed’. That’s when you need to return to the Harbor. A haven among the scaly-wags, and the only ‘safe zone’ in the game. Come here when you need to do all your necessary pirating preparations. Such as heal your crew, access the in-game marketplace, repair, upgrade, and deposit your gold. You can even switch out to another ship and crew for faster turn around.

It would be woeful for you to assume you are alone while privateering. The game is open-world, so you are competing within the same oceans and seas for the same treasures as the other players. Therefore it is not advised to sail empty handed, and you should be ready to defend yourself.

If you encounter a threat. Rally the crew, load the cannons, and prepare for a fight. The ship, the crew, and cannon level, will all determine your vessels effectiveness in battle. Victory and defeat will have prizes for the winner and, consequences for the loser. If the tide turns against you, use some rum to speed away, and possibly more, because the enemy can use their own to give chase.

If you do lose the battle, you will also lose 1/3 of your gold. Once you have no gold, you are forced to return to harbor. Note; that in order to set sail again; there is a minimum amount of game currency (CPR), that must be carried on your ship. Total amount to be determined at a later date, based on market.

Economics and leasing NFTs

Quite possibly one of the best features of this game will be the leasing system, built right into the game. Like scholarships; without the hassle of establishing trust or using a third party. Players can rent their ship(s) and crew, to other players, for a set percent of their profits. Determined by you, the ship’s owner, and ended at any time by the leaser.

Another feature allows you to stake your owned assets on their website now, and earn CPR tokens. CPR is currently trading on Alcor exchange, a DEX for Wax and EOS assets. The initial packs have sold out, and can only be purchased on a secondary market, such as Atomic Hub. Do not worry though, the team will added new assets for purchase in the marketplace upon game launch.

Coin Pirates uses the Wax blockchain, offers NFTs through Atomic Hub and has its own CPR token. There’s a strong competitive play-to-earn mechanic in this game, while allowing many players to join the game. So far the developers stuck to their roadmap, and there’s a detailed whitepaper if you want to read more.

Have at ye! Lookin’ forward to plunderin’ yer ships, yer rum, and ye lasses.

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