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CityStates: Medieval Coming to Stellar Blockchain

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The strategy game CityStates: Medieval is in development by Addirktive, and will release on the Stellar blockchain. They describe the game as a multiplayer play-to-earn strategy game. The studio has been talking about their work on City States since april 2019.

CityStates: Medieval was pointed out to me on the Play to Earn discord server. However, it’s been in development for two years already. Above everything, the team still has ambitious goals for CityStates: Medieval. This article isn’t news by definition, but more an introduction into the game.

The only news part of this article, is that the game has opened its registration. Players who register now, will receive 250 HEX tokens in their account. This is the in-game currency of CityStates on the Stellar network. There will be a presale coming for the HEX currency later.

What is CityStates: Medieval?

In essence CityStates: Medieval is a bit similar to Lords Mobile, a strategy game where you build and expand your city, level up buildings, and then improve and grow your army. However, in CityStates players can decide what they build, where they place it and switch things out if needed. For example, if a player sees a demand for certain resources, they will be able to change their buildings. However, your local economy (workers, soldiers etc.) also have needs players need to cater to.

The strategy game will feature five different troop types. Armor can make them stronger, but slower. While certain weapons reduce armor, but add attacking power. During PVP battles, players earn a percentage of the troops they kill. In addition the winner of a battle gets another percentage of the loser’s items. Of course there will be leaderboards. Players will also need to defend their cities, on they can setup an attack themselves. Similar to League of Kingdoms, players can work together in guilds or clans, for bigger and grander warfare. Obviously diplomacy also plays a role in the game.

The project has plans to launch its own CSM token on a variety of blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Ethereum and EOS. However, CSM will have its main base on Stellar, and its main trading pairs will be XLM and USDC. Token holders will receive a percentage of the profits from the game, while they can also vote on governance decisions.

In their lite paper they emphasized that they want all game assets to be tradeable: resources, player-produced goods, weapons and so on. Hero NFTs and their equipment will possibly be issued across a variety of blockchains, for example Stellar, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Addirktive also highlights the fact that play-to-earn and pay-to-win go together, as players who jump in later can buy items from the secondary market to boost their experience. However, this would be a scenario where the community benefits, because they are the ones selling the resources. NFT sales will happen in a variety of currencies, including BTC and ETH.

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