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Blocklete Golf Revamp Goes Crazy in a Good Way

blocklete golf revamp game

Blocklete Games has revealed their plans for the web-based golf game Blocklete Golf, and the revamp looks very promising. The team has said farewell to the traditional challenge course, and instead players will not tee off on courses set in the sky or up in space. In addition the game will feature gear, allowing players to boost their golfers.

Blocklete Golf originally launched on the Ethereum blockchain, but has now found its way to the Flow blockchain. By the end of September the developers will relaunch the website. They are not only working on a revamp of their game, but will also launch an NFT marketplace.

Through the marketplace players will be able to buy gear to enhance their golfers abilities. Certain balls counter the effects of the wind, while a hat could provide a boost in points. Players will be able to buy a variety of clubs, balls and wearables to customize and enhance their game character.

The migration from Ethereum to Flow will happen when the new website launches and season 2 begins. The golfer and all its stats and medals will transition over to Flow. Those who own a special designer golfer or a Founder will see a custom artwork in the background of their new golf character. In addition the team will mint artworks based on the original golfers, for those that have these. This will all likely happen some time this Fall.

What is Blocklete Golf?

Blocklete Golf is a golf game on the web that uses tokenized characters. Each of those characters has certain attributes, like strength or composure. Using these characters, gamers need to hit a ball as close to the target as possible. The better they do this, the more points they earn. Playing Blocklete Golf requires skills and in-sight, as the weather, your club and the challenge ahead all determine what needs to be done.

Players need to decide on the direction, precision and power of their hits. Together with the wind, this influences the movement of the ball. This clearly sounds simple, but is a lot harder than you might think.

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