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Blocklete Golf Announced Golfer Scarcity

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Blocklete Games has announced that there will only be two thousand season-1 golfers in Blocklete Golf, bringing scarcity into the game. This number includes both founders and generation-1 characters. Only three percent of these will be legendary golfers, which have the potential to be leveled up the furthest. The gaming company announced their scarcity plans in a blog post.

So far gamers have bought almost 1400 golfers. The remaining characters will go up for sale before the end of the current season. However, two hundred of these will be held for and released as collectibles with the game’s art partners.

Novice golfers sell for $7, which is currently 0.02 ETH. However, pro golfers will cost you 25 dollars. The most expensive golfers are the Elite Founder ones, which currently have a starting price of 1.2 ETH. Regular elite golfer however, cost ‘only’ 200 dollars, or 0.5 ETH.

Blocklete Golf is the first game from Blocklete Games and Turner Sports. They are a branch of the Warner Media Group. In this golf game players need to collect points to claim victory. They currently have a $20.000 competition happening.

Chance to win a golfer

Next week visitors of the Play to Earn Game Festival will have a chance to win one out of 25 novice Gen 1 golfers. Visit the festival, find the Blocklete Golf arcade cabinet, watch the video and join the raffle. Winners will be revealed at the end of the festival after November 13th.

The Play to Earn Game Festival is all about educating gamers about the benefits of play-to-earn game mechanics. Economy and gameplay intertwined, provides for unique opportunities both from a business perspective and a consumer perspective. Suddenly the consumer is a participants in the economy, and they have a stake in what’s happening in the game world.

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