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Crypto Artists Create Blocklete Golf Characters

blocklete golf crypto artists

Crypto artists Tommy Wilson, George Boya and Rare Designer have created exclusive golfers for Blocklete Golf that will go on sale only on the official marketplace. Each of the artists will have their golfers on sale for four days, starting today. There’s a limit of 50 golfers per artist.

The sale starts this Friday with Tommy Wilson. He’s a professional baseball players with the New York Mets. His retro golfers are inspired by golf history and tradition, but with some adding colors to it. Next week George Boya’s Mechanicus Golfers will become available, followed by a Rare Designer golfer.

Each sale will start at 7PM UTC. There will be 38 pro golfers for 30 dollars each. In addition there are ten elites that will cost you 100 dollars, and two legends that are available through a Dutch auction. The auction is only payable using ETH, while the other sales can be done using credit card, ETH or Bitpay.

It’s the first time that crypto artists create a character for Blocklete Golf. However, we’ve seen similar collaborations before. Recently Hackatao announced a partnership with The Sandbox, for example. These same artists also work together with Cryptokitties.

What is Blocklete Golf?

Blocklete Golf is a golf game on the web that uses tokenized characters. Each of those characters has certain attributes, like strength or composure. Using these characters, gamers need to hit a ball as close to the target as possible. The better they do this, the more points they earn. Playing Blocklete Golf requires skills and in-sight, as the weather, your club and the challenge ahead all determine what needs to be done.

Players need to decide on the direction, precision and power of their hits. Together with the wind, this influences the movement of the ball. This clearly sounds simple, but is a lot harder than you might think. Blocklete Golf also offers a free-to-play option that’s very limit.

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