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Not Enough of CryptoBlades? Here’s CryptoBlades Kingdom

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The creators of the GameFi project CryptoBlades have announced a new game in the series, CryptoBlades Kingdoms. This new title expands on the concept by introducing strategy-based land building, including the ability to form guilds and fight together. According to the developers CryptoBlades Kingdoms will push the envelope while providing fair play-to-earn mechanics.

The original CryptoBlades launched on the last day of May, and the native SKILL token skyrocketed later in value. Right now one SKILL token is worth more than $21, while it was only $0.69 in early July. Game studio Riveted Games refers to this success a lot, while introducing us to CryptoBlades Kingdoms.

CryptoBlades Kingdom will become a strategy game in which guilds will battle for dominion. Those who use the right tactics to conquer territory and defend their own land, will have the strongest play-to-earn experience. The game is in development on Binance Smart Chain, and will launch in October.

What is CryptoBlades Kingdom

CryptoBlades Kingdoms (CBK) will be a strategy game, featuring land building and play-to-earn mechanics. Players will start the game with a village within a randomized region of land. Players will need to obtain resources, and build their village. Through PVP mechanics players can pillage other villages, while friends can work together in PVE dungeons. However, big parts of the game will feature sandbox mechanics, meaning that players can group up, create their own economies and guilds.

Guilds can watch over each other’s villages, making sure nobody gets attacked. At the same time attacking a village is a strong play-to-earn element in the game. However, players with thought out strategic setups will supposedly have a benefit. The game will also feature a staking mechanism and in-game purchases.

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