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Gamified NFT Marketplace Inspired by Japanese Culture

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Doki Doki Finance is creating a gamified NFT marketplace inspired by the Japanese Gachapon vending machine. They named their vending machine DeGacha. Here players pay a flat fee to receive a random digital collectible or non-fungible token. The platform combines elements of decentralized finance with NFT collecting.

Gachapon vending machines contain plastic capsules with small collectibles in it. First players simply pay some money, then they rotate the handle and win a random capsule. There’s a randomness to it. Each collectible has the same price, but there are collectibles in different rarities. Developers can customize the scarcity of each NFT, and therefore some digital collectibles are more difficult to obtain from the gamified NFT marketplace.

Each play has a fixed cost, set by artists themselves. In addition, artists can customize the supply (scarcity) of each #NFT, so it’s more difficult for players to obtain higher-quality #NFTs. Earnings go to the creators, while the team uses a smaller percentage to buy back DOKI on Uniswap.

DeGacha is a decentralized application that’s built using Ethereum smart contracts, non-fungible tokens and IPFS for storage. In addition the entire concept is community-owned, tapping into DOKI and AZUKI cryptocurrencies. At the moment there’s one DeGacha arcade machine available, and more will follow in the coming weeks.

Gaming mixed with DeFi

Seeing Doki Doki Finance making a gamified experience that taps into their DeFi ecosystem, doesn’t come as a major surprise. It’s a trend that’s happening all across the blockchain ecosystem. Meme Token was one of the first to introduce the concept of NFT farming, allowing users to obtain rare digital art through their platform. Others followed, like COIN and

At the moment Aave and their Aavegotchi are at the pinnacle of gamified DeFi products. They are now moving to the Matic Network in order to continue their business without having to worry about gas fees. The introduction of Doki Doki’s DeGacha arcade machines simply fits that profile.

It’s not even about financial products becoming games, but it also works the other way around. Games are becoming financial products. Just look at Axie Infinity, where people are making a living from playing the game, earning governance tokens and building a financial portfolio. In addition there are games like Alien Worlds, The Sandbox, and Neon District that potentially tap deep into the DeFi world to empower their users with decentralized finance.

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