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Sorare Sets Foot in Switzerland

sorare fantasy football

The fantasy football game Sorare has announced that FC Sion is the first club from Switzerland joining the platform. In addition the NFT-powered platform revealed that they will now track clubs and players active in the Swiss football league.

FC Sion also had the honor to be the first club to launch on Sorare with Limited cards. The newly introduced yellow-colored cards have a max of 1,000 copies, while previously the most common card had 100 copies. As a result the Limited cards have a friendlier price, attracting a wider audience.

Now that Sorare also tracks the Swiss league, players with cards in Sorare and active for clubs like Grasshoppers or FC Zurich, will now be usable again. Sorare already tracks football competitions across the world. They vowed to cover the biggest competitions around the world, spread out over all continents.

Today they also announced new cards from two Mexican clubs, Santas Laguna and Atlas FC. These clubs now have cards for the 2021/2022 season, and they also have their first Limited cards, those are the yellow ones.

How much for a Limited card

These Limited cards ware offered to the market through an auction. It’s very likely that the first edition cards will go for a higher auction price than the 34th edition. Nonetheless it’s within the line of expectations that a Limited card will be significantly cheaper than a rare card. A very good rare card will easily cost you 0.3 ETH, which currently equals roughly $900. Super rare cards go for at least a couple of hundred up to thousands.

Considering there are 1,000 Limited cards per player, I wouldn’t be surprised of the price of these cards will be between $10 and $50 on average, while only the super famous players might go for more. Because we shouldn’t forget that there’s also a sense of collectability to the Sorare fantasy football game.

However, buying the right Sorare cards isn’t easy. There are different things you need to look out for, and your budget is just one of them. Does this player play a lot of matches? Are they injured a lot? Do they score? Assist? Receive bookings? Read our guide on how to earn in Sorare here. Keep in mind, the article doesn’t go deep into card rarity, but tells you how to optimize your Sorare purchases and start earning from the game.

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