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Wax Launching The Outer Space Men NFTs with Action Figures

The Outer Space Men vIRL NFT Wax toys

Wax has announced The Outer Space Men, a series of limited edition NFTs that owner can redeem for a physical, limited edition 12-inch action figure. These hyper-modern collectibles continue the legacy of a toy series from 1968 by toy maker Mel Birnkrant.

The original toy collection offered 7 different toys, each based on a planet in the solar system or unexplored sectors of the galaxy. Later on the set expanded to its current roster of 21 action figures. Now that’s the collection these new NFTs are based on.

Each NFT pack will sell for $251 and contains one randomized vIRL NFT depicting one of 24 unique figures in 3D. The buyers of these NFTs can then redeem their digital collectible to receive the physical one, as shown on their NFT card. Shipping is included in the purchase, so no worries about that.

The collection will have four different rarities, and the most valuable would be the Whitestar card. There are only five of these, and the action figures tied to these NFTs normally retail for $999. So you have a chance to be very lucky. Those who don’t want to be lucky, can directly purchase from a selection of six action figures. However, the price tag would then be $351.

There will only be 1,735 NFTs for sale, so they are very limited in supply. The sale begins on August 19th, at 1PM EST.

What is vIRL NFT

Wax calls their system vIRL NFT, pronounced ‘viral NFT’. They consider these type of NFTs to be ‘virtual in real life’. The idea is that the NFT gives users ownership over a physical item, without the need of shipping or storing that physical item.

Only the owner of the vIRL NFT can redeem it for the physical object. On some occasions these vIRL NFT will then be destroyed. In other cases they will change and become a regular collectible NFT. Similar to the Bratz Shimmerin’ NFT, vIRL NFTs can have an expiration date. So after a certain date it can no longer be redeemed for the physical product. So that’s something to keep in mind.

However, even though The Outer Space Men are cool, they aren’t the only vIRL NFTs on the Wax blockchain with toys. NFT collectors who went deep into Bratz, might have a Bratz Shimmerin’ NFT. These can be traded for a physical toy as well. However, the deal to redeem the NFTs ends on August 31st. So the clock is ticking.

The collectors who have one of those Bratz Shimmerin’ NFTs will need to fill in a form. After that they will receive email instructions on how to proceed.

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