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Register for Along with the Gods Play-to-Earn Server

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PlayDapp has opened the pre-registration for the upcoming play-to-earn server for their mobile role playing game Along with the Gods. The dedicated play-to-earn server introduces NFT staking and rewards paid in PLA tokens. In addition players can earn NFT Runes and Heroes, as they revealed in August.

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn is available on Android, but an iOS version will come as well. Users can register their interest in the play-to-earn server by connecting their Polygon wallet through Metamask or Portis, and submitting their mobile phone number.

The play-to-earn server will allow players to earn PLA tokens from daily and weekly objectives. There will be rewards of 5 PLA for daily missions. Furthermore, the weekly earnings can be worth a potential 5000 PLA through PVP arena battles. The earned tokens can then be used in the wider PlayDapp ecosystem.

In order to unlock the play-to-earn mechanics, gamers do need the PlayDapp Town Playz NFTs. These character NFTs work in every game in the PlayDapp ecosystem, and these come in different grades of rarity. You can find these NFTs on the PlayDapp Marketplace.

Those who pre-register for the play-to-earn server, will also receive some rewards. There will be 200 gems, 3 legendary hero scrolls and 500.000 gold coins waiting for you. In addition you will be notified in advance about the upcoming PLA staking options.

So what is PlayDapp?

PlayDapp has the PlayDapp Games platform, where players can play games like CryptoDozer, Along with the Gods, Soulseeker and the MMO Asta. On their marketplace games and companies can sell various game items, including items from third-party games like League of Kingdoms. The entire ecosystem is now powered by the Polygon blockchain, but it used to exist on Ethereum.

The switch to Polygon makes a lot of sense for PlayDapp, which has been making moves into the NFT market for some time now. PlayDapp has also launched their own blockchain-powered virtual world, PlayDapp World, within the Roblox ecosystem. In PlayDapp Town gamers can use unique NFT characters, as well as regular Roblox ones. Players will find a variety of activities in the game world, including a school playground, a market, fishing activities, soccer field and concert venue.

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