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Mobile Game Cryowar Now Has CWAR Play-to-Earn Token

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The competitive mobile game Cryowar now has their native CWAR token on the market, as it launched last week on exchanges like Kucoin, Bybit and MEXC. In addition the token is available on Raydium, a DEX on the Solana blockchain. When it comes to strong play-to-earn games for a mobile gaming audience, Cryowar seems to hit a sweet spot.

Cryowar is a top-down competitive action game made for mobile devices. Players fight in real-time against each other in an arena. These arenas pit players against each other, but also offer certain challenges. Each match only takes a few action-packed minutes, while players can enjoy Last Man Standing, Deathmatch, Top Score or Battle Arena.

Players get to pick different heroes, each with a different playing style. Each player can pick two, customize their powers and swap instantly between the heroes on the battlefield. As players become better in the game, they get to earn bigger rewards. However, none of the game store items will give any of the players a pay-to-win advantage. Or at least, that’s what the developers promise.

Even though CWAR can’t be used in-game yet, there’s considerable hype surrounding the project. However, trading volume have dropped and currently CWAR has a $1.37 price tag, down from it $2.25 all-time high last week. But for now, let’s forget about price action, let’s talk game action… much more fun to talk about.

Cryowar will support Android, iOS and desktop PC, while players can all play against each other through cross-platform multiplayer.

Already in development since 2017

Graphically Cryowar can measure up with the best, as the developers used Unreal Engine to make the game look stunning. The multiplayer top-down shooter Cryowar is in development by game studio Kipi Interactive, a Bulgarian game studio.

They’ve been working on the mobile game for 4 years already, now preparing to game to launch with play-to-earn mechanics. They are working together with the blockchain team behind Cryowar to make the game as appealing as it can be, thanks to the Solana blockchain. In addition DeFi elements will tap into Polygon. Cryowar also has the support of Animoca Brands, one of the biggest players in the blockchain gaming space.

Expect big things to come from Cryowar next year!

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