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Two Years Later Xayaships Gets User-Focused Upgrade

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Two years after Xaya released Xayaships as a tech demo for their game-channel technology, the BattleShip-inspired game has received its v0.2 upgrade. This improved version offers a better user experience and interface, while also allowing gamers to use a chat room from mind games and friendly banter.

The new chat system incorporated into Xayaships uses the secure chat system based on Xaya names, XayaID and XMPP. For those familiar with the products from Xaya, that’s the same system used for chatting in Soccer Manager Elite. These different system allow users to create unique user names, while enabling peer-to-peer communication over the blockchain.

Being active on the Xaya blockchain, and therefore also for playing Xayaships, requires CHI tokens. Players need to use fractions of a CHI in order to for example, confirm their tactical moves. The Xaya blockchain itself makes sure that it stores and confirms all gameplay. This makes cheating virtually impossible.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on Xayaships, you can download the game here. Through the Xaya discord you can find other players in the #xayaships channel.

Xaya blockchain expanding

In March Xaya brought its native CHI token to Ethereum, as the development team built a bridge to allow transfers between Xaya and Ethereum. Now there’s a wCHI liquidity pool on Uniswap. In addition they brought the token to Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

What is decentralized gaming?

DeFi is important for gaming when we’re talking about gaming project that have their own economy. Soccer Manager Elite and Taurion are games that have their entire economy and tactical gameplay moves stored on-chain. Both games run on the Xaya blockchain. As a result the game is provably fair, and cheating is impossible. However, this also means that it’s very important for game designers to launch their products in the right way.

Last year during a treasure hunt Xaya had to do a hard fork, which introduced new gameplay mechanics. Similar to how blockchain developers need to be on the same page, gamers and game designers also need agree on a hard fork. If they don’t, two version of the game will exist, and only one has continued support from the developer. Because games exist on the blockchain, the community can fork an existing project and continue development on their own.

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