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Dungeon Raids for Loot in Crypto Raiders

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Crypto Raiders is an upcoming dungeon crawler where gamers send their heroes on dungeon raids to find loot, which they can sell for AURUM tokens. The developers have revealed their plans on how to make Crypto Raider interesting as a play-to-earn game. The upcoming game combines elements from Zed Run with World of Warcraft dungeons, while running its services on the Polygon blockchain.

The developers describe Crypto Raiders as a play-to-earn dungeon crawler. It uses elements from RNG-based role playing games, while adding blockchain-powered economical elements to it. They already sold out the first 7,500 game characters, and players have been testing a dungeon for two weeks. Each player character is an NFT that gamers can upgrade using the gear they find in these dungeons. Interestingly, there’s also a dead mechanic… which means that the NFT characters can die.

For their play-to-earn mechanics, the team will introduce two different tokens: AURUM and RAIDER. The first one, AURUM, is a variable-supply token with an initial mint of 1 billion tokens. The developers will mint or burn AURUM tokens to balance the game’s economy. Players will need to use the token for certain in-game activities, including character creation, item crafting, enchanting, PVP duels and entering dungeons. AURUM will also be the default currency on the Crypto Raiders marketplace, which will launch in 3 to 6 months.

RAIDER is the governance token

The RAIDER token represents another side of the game’s economy. RAIDER has a fixed supply of 100 million tokens, and the developers can’t mint more. RAIDER token holders can stake their tokens to earn a percentage of the AURUM spent in the game. In addition RAIDER stakers will earn AURUM based on their in-game Crypto Raiders activity.

Gamers can stake their RAIDER tokens for three, six, nine or twelve months. When you stake three months, you will simply earn the AURUM rewards. However, stake six months and you get 200%, nine months 300% and one year 400%. Gamers who believe in Crypto Raiders can quadruple their staking rewards for one year.

Keep in mind that RAIDER is a governance token. Future utility will allow players to vote on governance issues, while also getting access to special dungeons, gear and product releases. In addition RAIDER owners can earn drops from partnered products.

So how to earn AURUM and RAIDER

Crypto Raiders players can earn AURUM by completing dungeons and quests. The difficulty of the tasks will influence the amount of AURUM tokens someone earns. When gamers use certain NFT characters, they will earn a bonus percentage. For example, the 7,500 genesis characters earn 30% bonus tokens. To an extend the use cases for AURUM have been based on Axie Infinity’s SLP tokens.

RAIDER will be more used in the DeFi aspects of the game. Those who provide liquidity for AURUM-MATIC or RAIDER-MATIC Sushi LP tokens, will earn RAIDER tokens as a reward.

It looks like Crypto Raiders has some potential in the play-to-earn market.

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