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Axie Infinity Update Will Introduce Card Upgrades

axie infinity battle system v2 update

The next version of Axie Infinity will give players the ability to improve their powers using card upgrades, as this would improve the Axie effectiveness on the battlefield. In the July development update Sky Mavis made clear that these upgrades will happen through in-game drops.

The developers refer to the update as Battles V2, or Axie Infinity: Origin. This version of Axie Infinity is being developed by a dedicated team, named Origin. They already finished all initial launch content for the adventure mode. In addition they’ve been working on tutorials for the single-player adventure mode.

However, they aren’t done yet with Battles V2. The team still needs to finish their work on a PVP mode and a quest system. When that’s all done, they will check whether the V2 is suitable for a new round of Alpha testers.

What about Axie land gameplay

While people have been trading land NFTs for Axie Infinity a lot, gameplay still doesn’t exist. Gameplay will likely be centered around harvesting resources, building a village and conquering territory. However, nothing is set in stone yet. According to Sky Mavis they are still experimenting and building. In September a new game designer will join the team to develop the gameplay mode. Then the team will formulate their plans, and start working on game modes, seasons, army control and building management.

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What is Axie Infinity again?

Let’s quickly talk a bit about Axie Infinity. The tactical battle game uses its own, native Ronin sidechain. In the game players need to use 3 Axie NFTs to battle opponents and earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP). Players need to use SLP to breed new Axies. In addition parent Axies can only breed children a limited amount of times. SLP has a demand, while the floor price for an Axie NFT is right now more than $200. In short, you need three $200 Axies to play and earn SLP tokens.

Earning SLP tokens has become a source of income for people in developing countries. Among those countries the Philippines is leading the pack. The organization and economics behind this, is also becoming more professional. Third party organizations like Yield Guild Games are building tools and communities to really turn people into gamers earning income by playing Axie Infinity.

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