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Gods Unchained Players Will Receive IMX Airdrop

gods unchained imx token airdrop

Gamers who own Gods Unchained trading card NFTs will receive IMX, the upcoming native token for the Immutable X layer-2 solution. Development studio Immutable announced the token through a blog post, revealing great benefits for those who already moved their Gods Unchained cards to the Immutable X layer-2 solution.

Before we dive into details of the airdrop, let’s first explain what IMX is. The token functions as a utility token on the Immutable X scaling solution. As you might know, Immutable created Immutable X to make transferring NFTs a lot fast and cheaper. Different from for example Polygon, Immutable X taps directly into the security of the Ethereum blockchain, therefore truly earning the label ‘layer-2 solution’.

There will only be 20 million IMX on the market. On Immutable X they will use IMX in three different ways:

  • Fees – 20% of all transaction fees will be paid using IMX. When you don’t have IMX, it will automatically make a token swap in the background.
  • Staking – When you have IMX, you can stake it to earn more. The more you stake, the more you earn.
  • Governance – Those who hold IMX tokens can vote on community governance decisions.

How do you get IMX

When the token launches, it will obviously be available on exchanges across the industry. However, what about those airdrops? Immutable announced two different airdrops. They will split 100,000 IMX between all Gods Unchained players who have cards on the Immutable blockchain. They took the snapshot yesterday. A total of 7918 users were eligible for the airdrop, and they will receive 12,63 IMX.

In addition there will be an airdrop in the near future. During the Alpha Airdrop they will drop 400,000 IMX tokens based on the types of cards somebody has. Every card will earn the owner points, and based on your points compared to the total amount of points, you will receive IMX tokens. A common card will earn less points than a Mythic one. For a complete rundown for the score system, please refer to the official announcement.

Games on Immutable X

Immutable made Immutable X to make it easier to transfer NFTs. At this moment only Gods Unchained exists on the blockchain, but more games are coming. War Riders already announced that they would move over. In addition Immutable will bring the mobile action RPG Guild of Guardians to their layer-2 solution as well.

Blockchain gaming unicorn Animoca Brands also announced their move onto Immutable X. They didn’t announce any particular products moving over to the layer-2 solution, but their approach has always been about supporting multiple blockchain solutions. For example, Animoca already products running on Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Wax. They are also investors in the Flow blockchain.

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