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Zed Run Reintroduces Horse Breeding Program

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Gamers who own an awesome stallion in the horse racing game Zed Run will be pleased to learn that horse breeding is back on the menu. The developers of Zed Run announced the return of the NFT feature with a simple but efficient message: ‘Breeding is back’.

For those uninitiated in the ways of Zed Run, know that every horse in this horse racing game is a player-owned NFT. The owners of these NFTs can race their horses in different competitions and win crypto prizes in the process. Victories are won based on horse statistics and a bit of luck.

Players have been buying all kinds of horses from the marketplace, and these are mostly pure-breeds. These tend to be the best horses available. Making money however, isn’t limited to racing. Players can also make their stallion available for breeding: resulting in new horses.

Keep in mind, Zed Run is deep into the horse breeding terminology. A virgin horse is either a colt (male) or filly (female). As soon as a horse as produced one offspring, the male becomes a stallion and the female a mare.

Rules for breeding horses in Zed Run

  1. Male horse owners get the breeding fee
  2. Male horse owners get to set a fee themselves
  3. Female horse owners get to keep the infant
  4. Right now you can’t breed within your own stable, so you need to find someone to breed with
  5. Only 0.5% of the infants becomes a Super Coat horse, having the same fur as both its parents
  6. Breeding two Genesis horses, create a Legendary pony
  7. Horses can’t breed with siblings, parents or grandparents

More details about breeding in Zed Run in the official FAQ.

What is Zed Run?

In essence Zed Run is a blockchain-powered horse racing game. The game first launched on Ethereum and now made a successful jump to Polygon. Players can collect horses. Then they need to race in competitions. In addition they can breed horses, and create a legacy or strong bloodline. There are four different bloodlines in the game, for example the Nakamoto is generally the strongest performer, but the Buterin bloodline can be very impredictable. Overall the bloodline influences a horse’s abilities significantly.

In addition horses have a genotype. Breed two horses with genotype 10 and 25, then their child will have genotype 35. The higher that number, that less pure blood they are. This also means that they will perform less. Furthermore there’s a breed type, which only counts for genesis horses. It adds some extra spice to the rarity and performance. Horses will also have characteristic, ranging from distance they can run, to gate preference, handicap and fatigue.

Players can enter a race through the website. They select a gate, a horse, and then they will need to pay a fee to join. These Zed Run games offer a prize pool, making the game possibly profitable. However, there are also races that are completely free. These free races are often timed and event based.

Learn how to get started and start earning in our Zed Run Guide and Review.

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