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Chumbi Valley Generation 1 Breeding Event

Chumbi Valley breeding event banner

Chumbi Valley released and revealed their Seed Chumbis, airdropped NFTs to holders, and now they prepare for their very first breeding event. This is a one-time event that will create the first ever Generation 1 Chumbis. This event includes both a special minting opportunity for Seed Chumbi holders as well as a public sale of Generation 1 Pods.

Chumbi Valley prepares to host a special breeding event. One that will give Seed Chumbi Holders a chance to create the very first generation 1 Chumbis by growing Pods on the Mystic Tree!

Chumbi Valley breeding event info
Chumbi Valley breeding event info

Breeding requires two Seed Chumbi and produces two Pods. Seed Chumbis can breed only once during this event. This event does not count towards any in-game breeding limitations. This is also a free mint for Seed Chumbi holders! There may be a transaction fee involved, but otherwise there is no cost for breeding during this event!

Using a symbiotic process, the Seed Chumbi transfer mystical energy to the tree to make the Pods. This energy boosts the tree enough to produce extra Pods. So in addition to the Pods given to the Seed Chumbi holders, the Mystic Tree also grows extra Generation 1 Pods to sell — 8,192 to be exact. A date for the breeding event and the sale are still to be decided, but they should happen sometime in March / April.

Payment for the sale will be in the CHMB token. Each Generation 1 Pod costs $125 in CHMB token. There will likely be some sort of whitelist for the sale. Details on that to be revealed in the near future. It’s also unclear as to whether the sale will be on Binance Smart Chain or Polygon. The CHMB token exists on both networks. Hopefully these questions will be cleared up soon.

Generation 1 Chumbi

Chumbi tier limitations for this event
Only Type 1 Chumbis available from this event

All Chumbi created from this event will be Tier 1. The game features the ability to selectively breed to generate Chumbis of the more rare tier types, but the team wishes to reserve that system for in-game breeding. A maximum of 12,288 Gen 1 Chumbi can be created from this event. Hatching / reveal of the Generation 1 Chumbi will be at some future date.

The Pods generated from the Seed Chumbis will have traits based on the parent Chumbi while those in the sale will be random. The chance for a Shiny coat or Mini Chumbi from the sale is 0.5%

The team plans to burn all proceeds from the sale and promises that this is just the first burn event for their token. Burn events are often used to lower coin inflation and boost value. So it’s good to see that Chumbi Valley has its eye on sustainable tokenomics from the start.

What’s ahead for Chumbi Valley?

NFT sales and breeding events are great, but what about the game?! Well the good news is that we should see the first beta versions arrive sometime soon. We are officially into stage 3 of the Chumbi Valley team’s roadmap which includes beta for Seed Chumbi holders in mid 2022. We should also see an official marketplace open up on the Chumbi Valley website and a land sale!

The team plans to build a full ecosystem with crop growing, breeding, Chumbi leveling, spells, home decor, and much more! Check out the Chumbi Valley litepaper for more information.

Chumbi Valley player models (work in progress)
Chumbi Valley player models (work in progress)
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