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The ZED Token Claiming is Live

ZED Token Claiming Successful

ZED Run is a horse racing simulation game built on Polygon blockchain that had recently announced its ZED Token claiming period. The ZED Token is a fungible token that will become the main utility and in-game currency of ZED Run. Until now, ZED Run used Polygon ETH as its in-game currency. However, in future, the Token will be used for payments on the ZED Run platform, accessing in-game functionalities, participating in special events, and many other utilities.

ZED Token Claiming

All ZED Run users who meet the Airdrop eligibility criteria can claim the ZED token. This token will be distributed to all ZED RUN existing users who have shown consistent engagement across racing, breeding, passes, and skin ownership. A total of 7% of the ZED Token supply will be allocated through an airdrop to existing ZED RUN users to recognize their engagement in the ZED community. 

ZED Token Eligibility Details

The claiming period started on July 28, 2022, and will be open for 90 days. After that, tokens players will not claim get transferred back to the Play-and-earn rewards treasury. The developers created the airdrop eligibility criteria based on racing, ownership, and breeding data across Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. This eligibility is based on several factors such as length of racehorse ownership, the number of paid races completed, the number of free races completed, and the activation bonus.

The ZED Tokens will be distributed based on players’ contributions to the ZED Run platform. Ownership and activity parameters are considered to create an airdrop score. The total Airdrop score is equal to the sum of total scores for both ownership and activity metrics. So, players who are most active in Zed Run game will receive a higher amount of Tokens. Gas fees will be borne by the ZED Token issuer for those eligible users that are claiming the token. The token allocation has been divided into several Tiers which are as follows:

ZED Token Allocation Tiers Details

What are ZED Tokens?

ZED Token is an ERC-20 token deployed on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Future Future Labs have developed the ZED Token in collaboration with ZED Run to develop and integrate the token into the ZED Run ecosystem. The token will allow players to interact on ZED token-powered ecosystems, carry out transactions with other participants and participate in governance decisions. A portion of the token fund is allocated for ZED ecosystem development to ensure diversity and accessibility to the community.

The total allocation of ZED tokens is one billion and is allocated to the team, backers, existing users, ecosystem fund, ZED token treasury, and play-to-earn rewards treasury. The token will be released into circulation over 48 months.

How to claim ZED Tokens?

ZED Tokens can be claimed by visiting this official website. For claiming ZED tokens, users need a MetaMask wallet. After logging in, users can view the upgraded wallet that displays your ZED token and ETH balance. This wallet can be used to send and receive ZED tokens. In addition, you can switch between ETH and ZED options in order to display the balance. Zed Run has a comprehensive guide if you need help setting up your MetaMask wallet.

What is ZED Run?

With over one million completed races, ZED Run is a leading blockchain horse racing game that allows players to buy, breed, and race virtual horses. Horses are split up into four bloodlines ranging from the rarest Nakamoto to the most common Buterin. 

The likelihood of a horse winning a race is determined by rarity characteristics such as bloodline and breeding characteristics such as genotype. You can earn crypto by winning races or breeding and selling prized horses. You can refer to our detailed guide for a deep understanding of the game.

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