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Avastars Series 4 Launched Today

avastars series 4

Only days after finishing the distribution and sales of Avastars Series 3, the team at NFT42 has launched Avastars Series 4. The on-chain collectible characters will now feature orange and fire hair, cornflower eyes, cyborg mouths and a whole lot more. These collectibles have unique treats, that define the way they look and perhaps how valuable they are.

Avastars are intended as personal avatars within applications across the metaverse. Adoption for this is still a bit behind, but considering the rush for CryptoPunks and the fact that these are completely stored on-chain, could make them very usable across different applications.

Buying an Avastar isn’t that hard. You scroll through the on-chain generated characters until you find characters that you think are cool. After that you add the ones you like to your queue. From that point you can mint them. The cheapest Avastars cost 0.07 ETH, while the legendary ones are 1.12 ETH.

Avastars gain legendary status of they have very rare traits. An Avastars needs multiple epic and legendary traits to qualify as a legendary one. Cheaper characters can also have legendary traits. In addition these traits are useful, because players can use the traits of their Prime Avastars to create a replicate. Collectors will be able to create a replicate by combining 12 traits from two to five different Primes. This will require a native token.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token is digital data that confirms through blockchain technology that a certain piece of data is unique, scarce and owned by a certain individual or entity. In the case of Avastars, an NFT token represents each generated character. There’s only one version of each non-fungible token. Where 1 bitcoin is the same as every other 1 bitcoin, that’s not the case with a non-fungible token. Every non-fungible token is unique. That makes them very useful for digital art, in-game items and other forms of contractual ownership.

Every character from Avastars is also unique. Owners of these digital avatars have complete ownership over them. That means that they can also use their Avastars for commercial usage, in a logo or television commercial.

NFTs are a big deal, but they are quite difficult to understand. Nobody wants to call them non-fungible tokens all the time, and it seems like nifties is a nice way of calling them. However, you might as well just refer to them as digital assets. Keep in mind, these NFTs aren’t only used for gaming. They are a whole lot more. Learn more here.

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