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Avastars Series 2 Launching Today

Avastars Gen 1 series 1 header

Starting from Friday 9am PST Series 2 of Avastars Generation 1 will be available on Collectors and enthusiasts will be able to scroll through the randomly generated characters and mint the ones they want to have. As soon as users have minted five thousand Avastars, the series will come to an end.

The first series had 5000 Avastars, and sold out within 23 days. Considering the amount of interest Avastars has gotten since then, it’s likely that Series 2 will sell out faster.

Five thousand characters is the maximum one series can offer. In total there can be only five series in one generation. In addition there will only be five generations. After that Avastars will introduce a system that allows users to generate a new Avastar based on traits from two so-called Primes. There will only be 25.200 Primes ever.

Avastars isn’t a game, but more like an art project. The system generates all characters. In turn the users will be able to mint the Avastars they like. After minting each character from Avastars is a non-fungible token, stored in their owner’s cryptocurrency wallet. In this case ownership provides all commercial rights to the character.

Time schedule

Friday – 09:00 PST – Los Angeles
Friday – 18:00 CET – Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin
Saturday – 04:00 AEST – Sydney
Saturday – 02:00 JST – Tokyo

Beyond Avastars as collectibles

Recently Jim McNelis told me in an interview for DappReview that this is not the end of Avastars. Ideally he wants his creation to become a system for online identities. For example, he wants to use the characters to login into third party systems.

At the moment Avastars are quite limited in their usage. However, owners do have the commercial right to use the Avastars they own. So these characters can become an online persona. Opensea, Cryptomotors and Blockcities are among the projects looking to offer an avatar selection tool using Avastars.

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