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Hodl God To Bring VOID Token to Wax

hodl god wax tokenomics

Onessus will bring the VOID token, which is the native token for their battle game Hodl God, from EOS to the Wax blockchain. They see this as the next move in the evolution of their tokenomics, which is often the term used to describe blockchain-powered in-app economic systems. In addition the team will launch a new set of NFTs.

Hodl God is currently in pre-alpha, and the action game is using the sophisticated Unreal Engine. This means it’s graphically just as impressive as mainstream PC and console games. Native to the game is the VOID token. This token originally launched on the EOS blockchain, and has now been bridged to WAX. The developers will add VOID to the NFT packages they are selling, and they are considering to do a bigger sale later on.

NFT chests and packs

Currently Onessus is still selling Genesis packs for Hodl God, but that ends when the new NFT set comes. The team has decided to ‘exponentially increase the scarcity of the genesis collection’. The new collection consists of four Enigma Chest NFTs, sold once per week over a period of four weeks. Pricing starts at $15 per chest and goes up to $100. After those four weeks, there will be a 24 hour countdown period to buy separate packs.

One of the new features for Hodl God is the option to upgrade NFTs. In addition players can lend them, burn them, or stake them using VOID tokens. Participating in this form of gamified DeFi allows gamers to earn extra VOID tokens and exclusive NFTs. While staked NFTs can also earn experience points and level-up that way. Higher level NFTs have more staking capacity.

What is Hodl God?

In Hodl God players can either compete in a 50-player battle royale, in which the last man standing is the ultimate winner. The other option is to dive into the crypto bounty mode, allowing players to earn crypto tokens and very rare cosmetic gear that can be traded on an open marketplace.

Players who have VOID tokens in their wallet, are able to play the crypto bounty mode for free. Those who don’t, will need to pay a one dollar fee in order to compete for prizes. “We are leveraging the blockchain and creating a new type of F2P business model”, the studio said.

These VOID tokens can be bought or sold using Bancor, Paypal or Coinbase. This makes them very accessible for all kinds of players. VOID can be converted into game credits, or users can stake it for passive income. VOID whales can also lend their tokens to other players, which gives them 50 percent of the crypto earnings. However, in-game assets always go to the player.

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