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Second Series of Street Fighter NFTs Coming to Wax

rose dan street fighter wax nft series 2

Capcom and Wax have announced a Street Fighter V: Series 2 collectible NFT collection coming to the Wax blockchain. These card packs will go for sale on July 15th. The second series of the NFT collection will feature 42 cards in a variety of rarities, including two new fighters: Rose and Dan.

A card pack in the Street Fighter NFT series will contain 10 digital cards. Collectors need to merge multiple copies of the same cards into a more rare version. In the process they are basically burning the supply, making the existing cards more rare.

Unlike the famous fighting game series the NFTs are based on, the cards don’t have any gameplay value. Some might argue that merging cards is gameplay, but that would be saying that a start menu in a video game is actual gameplay. Bullocks.

The first series sold fast

The first Street Fighter series sold pretty well. The initial card packs sold out fast, after which players started combining cards. Within 24 hours Street Fighter was good for $2 million in sales and $1 million in trading volume. Later the Street Fighter cards were also added to staking games, like for example R-Planet. However, blockchain activity generally dropped. Nonetheless trading of the first series is still quite active.

With 47,328 sales in the past 30 days Street Fighter is among the top 5 most traded NFT collections according to data from DappRadar. However, in terms of value the collections can’t compete. Those sales have been responsible for a bit more than $181,000. According to DappRadar this would put the NFT collection in the 30th spot.

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