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Avastars Will Give Native Tokens to Collectors

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Collectors of the colorful Avastars will soon receive a native token for the project which allows them to create so-called Replicants. Users can create these Replicants using the treats of Avastar Primes. For each Avastar an owner will get one token which allows for the creation of one Replicant. This is what co-founder Jim McNelis announced on Twitter.

The team behind the computer-generated avatars will release five series of five thousand Avastar Primes. Once users bought the last avatar from the fifth series, no new Primes will be generated. This means that there will only be 25 thousand tokens on the market.

Creating a Avastars Replicant will be require one native token. Traits of the Avastar Primes can be combined to create a Replicant, but this will also require some ETH. If the users don’t have ETH in their wallet, they can offer the use of any trait copies to other users for a fee. There can only be as many Replicants as there are Primes, which means that the first generation of Avastars is limited to fifty thousand characters.

What is a non-fungible token or NFT?

A non-fungible token is digital data that confirms through blockchain technology that a certain piece of data is unique. In the case of Avastars, each generated characters is represented on the blockchain by a token. There’s only one version of each non-fungible token. Where 1 bitcoin is the same as every other 1 bitcoin, that’s not the case with a non-fungible token. Every non-fungible token is unique. That makes them very useful for digital art, in-game items and other forms of contractual ownership.

Every character from Avastars is also unique. Owners of these digital avatars have complete ownership over them. That means that they can also use their Avastars for commercial usage, in a logo or television commercial.

NFTs are a big deal, but they are quite difficult to understand. Nobody wants to call them non-fungible tokens all the time, and it seems like nifties is a nice way of calling them. However, you might as well just refer to them as digital assets. Keep in mind, these NFTs aren’t only used for gaming. They are a whole lot more.

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