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KOGs Slam! Brings On-Chain Gameplay to Mobile

KOGs Slam beta gameplay screenshot

Red Fox Games has launched KOGs Slam in closed beta last month, and in an elaborate blog post they now revealed that all the gameplay mechanics work on-chain. That makes KOGs: Slam! the first mobile game with on-chain gameplay, the developers wrote in the blog post. The game runs on the Wax blockchain.

Obviously players still need to download an app, because they need a graphical interface. However, all actions are recorded on the blockchain, making competitive matches provably fair. Having gameplay on-chain was very important for the developers of KOGs Slam!. Players can only use the KOGs they own on the Wax blockchain, while the gameplay rules are also stored there.

Each player adds 20 KOGs to make a stack of 40. The first player slams their KOG on top, and earns points for each KOG that falls off. The second player then adds 10, and does the same. The cycle continuous for three rounds, and ultimately the person who has collected the most KOGs wins.

During a match players need to have a good timing to create the best slamming technique, using four fast moving sliders: arm height, arm strength, angle and spin. The developers see KOGs Slam! more as a proof of concept, but they aren’t done yet.

More KOGs coming

“We’re in practice mode for now, with future updates to include play-to-earn and play-for-keeps models. Yes, depending on your jurisdiction, you can pit your KOGs against other players, with the victor keeping any KOGs that flipped over during the match”, Red Fox Games wrote.

The digital collectibles, of which we will see a new series soon, will also move into other games. R-planet already allows staking, but Red Fox Games is working on a lot more.

KOGs originally launched as digital collectibles. These particular collectibles have been responsible for more than 28 million WAXP in transactions on the Wax blockchain. That’s almost 1.4 million dollars at the time of writing.

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