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KOGS Beta Introduces Play-to-Earn Mechanics

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Collecting KOGs has been a large part of the scene on the Wax blockchain for the past year, but with KOGS Slam these collectibles have become part of a game that will now introduce play-to-earn mechanics. Currently on their third edition release, the beta version of KOGs: Slam! will allow players to earn KOIN and RFOX tokens.

The play-to-earn beta for KOGs: Slam! runs from September 3rd through October 1st. For this phase, existing accounts are wiped and all players must create a new account.

Play-to-earn awards come in the form of two different tokens, KOINs and RFOX. Most rewards are in KOINs, the KOGs game token. Players receive 250 KOINs when they start the game. Completing 3 daily missions is worth 100 KOINs a day. Also, any players participating in multiplayer Arena matches receive KOINS based on length of their winning streaks!

KOGs: Slam! leaderboard rewards

Any KOINs accumulated during the beta will carry over to your account on the public servers. The only requirement is that you play at least 250 matches during the month of the beta. The profile screen will help you track how many you’ve already played.

In addition, anyone who plays 100 multiplayer matches of any kind during the beta will be awarded an exclusive slammer KOG.

exclusive pineapple slammer

But the more serious prizes come from finishing on top of the leaderboards. There are three categories: most KOGs flipped, most games played, and most games won. The top three players for each category receive from 2,000 to 10,000 RFOX tokens! RFOX tokens are the utility tokens for Red Fox Labs, the parent company behind KOGs. Token value currently sits at $0.07, so these prizes could be worth quite a bit!

Getting into the beta requires signing up at If chosen, you will be contacted with further information about how to download and access the game.

Time to get slammin’!

How to play KOGS Slam

The gameplay mechanics of KOGS Slam are all stored on the blockchain, making cheating virtually impossible. To play the game, players will need the game app and tie it to their Wax account. Then they can use the KOGS in their collection to play the game.

Each player adds 20 KOGs to make a stack of 40. The first player slams their KOG on top, and earns points for each KOG that falls off. The second player then adds 10, and does the same. The cycle continuous for three rounds, and ultimately the person who has collected the most KOGs wins. During a match players need to have a good timing to create the best slamming technique, using four fast moving sliders: arm height, arm strength, angle and spin.

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