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Harvest Resources and Craft Items in Axie Infinity

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Land gameplay isn’t live yet, but the world of Axie Infinity will soon get a whole lot more interesting thanks to resources and items. Gamers who own some of that valuable land, can have their Axies harvest resources. In addition they will be able to craft tools and furniture. However, at this moment each Axie has its own inventory.

Sky Mavis isn’t ready yet. “Right now, Axies have their own specific inventories, which is a bit confusing. We’re thinking about solutions to this”, they wrote in the monthly update.

The development for land gameplay is an on-going process. Aside from resources and furniture for Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis has been working on a ‘town hall’ feature. This allows users to see all their items and resources. They can also learn new blueprint, or view all furniture that they can craft.

Sky Mavis has been announcing lots of new things for Axie Infinity lately. Gamers can now trade both the governance token AXS and the in-game utility token SLP on Uniswap and Binance. In addition they will also be working towards community governance. For the current 13th Season of Axie Infinity, they have partnered with Aave.

Battle system overhaul

In addition to the land gameplay, the development team is working on a major upgrade to the battle system. The view for both mobile and desktop gameplay will see some changes. There will also be new attack animations, while the artworks on the cards will change as well.

One of the new features will be class-specific bonuses. Players will be able to customize these features, and add an element of surprise to their tactics.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a tactical battle game in which two players fight each other using a team of cute creatures called Axies. These little weird balls of joy live in a world called Lunacia, and they come in all kinds of shapes in sizes. Their characteristics influence which moves they are capable of performing. They can be damage dealers, healers, or bad ass tanks.

Axies are deadly cute, that is an undeniable truth. But Axies are not only just cute, their appearance are almost unique. It is difficult to find two look-alike Axies since their body parts have various forms and shapes. There are more than 500 Axie’s body parts. Axies’ body and parts are classified into classes including Beast, Plant, Bug, Bird, Reptile and Aquatic, and more in future release. Moreover, the parts also come with four levels of rarity, which are Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary.

It is the battle system that makes Axie Infinity stand out. Axies will take turn to fight in a 3v3 battle. The Axies fight for their own will, but to win the victory, players need to a real strategist, from wisely choosing appropriate Axies for their team to placing them at the tactical positions. Soon the team will introduce land gameplay, their AXS governance token and there’s probably a lot more waiting beyond the horizon.

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