Blockstack Race Next Challenge Metalympics

blockstack race metalympics

Tonight the Blockstack Race will be the second challenge of the Metalympics. Competitors will need to show their stamina, endurance and their focus. The Blockstack Race will take place at the Metalympics Campus inside Cryptovoxels, and it will start after the WIP Meetup.

The Blockstack Race will have keyboard athletes run around the campus of the Metalympics. However, there’s a catch. You might need to walk backwards or walk as slowly as possible. Maybe you need to be blindfolded, I’m not sure. Those guys make up silly things all the time, all in the name of good old fashioned fun.

However, there’s a serious twist to all this. Last week there was an obstacle course, and Pixls_dot_eth won the first place. They went home with 100 dollars in their pocket. Zonked and JJCrypto2 both won 50 dollars worth of DAI. So sometimes it makes sense to be good at having fun, I guess.

The WIP Meetup will take place at the Play to Earn Game Festival. During the meetup there will be presentations by Aragon Project, Portis crypto wallet, exchange service Shapeshift, charity platform Cryptograph and crypto artist Stella Belle. This meetup will start at 8PM UTC at the festival.

Play to Earn and the Metalympics

Play to Earn is the official media partner for the Metalympics, providing fun, informative and thought-provoking commentary on the events that are about to commence. We will keep an eye on all the sports activities and the things that are happening in the player village. Is there any under-the-counter sales happening of illegal substances? Are those sports shoes in the official shop actually enhancing player performances? Who is dating who? And which competitors are taking this competition way too serious? Play to Earn will find out!

If you want to check out my commentary booth at the Avastars Arena, feel free to drop by! The view isn’t perfect, but I’ve got great chairs and some free coffee. I’ll ask the coffee lady to bring some extra cookies. It will be fun laughing at…. eh… commentating the competitors taking on the obstacle course.

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