Play-to-Earn Weekly

Play To Earn Weekly Ep. 1 – Axie Infinity Updates, Crypto Fighters, and NFT Refunds with ERC721R

For the First Episode of Play To Earn Weekly we review the latest and upcoming Axie Infinity Updates, we take a look at the new Version of Crypto Fighters with its co-founder Elie Steinbock. Elie is also the lead developer of the new ERC721R standard which allows smart-contract NFT refunds. A great innovation to fight scams and rug pulls and to protect the NFT community.

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📌 Chapters

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:07 Axie Infinity Updates
  • 12:57 Crypto Fighters
  • 20:26 The ERC721R Standard and NFT Refunds
  • 35:23 Upcoming NFT Games – Metashooter, Boss Fight, Metawana and Quantum Noesis