Splinterlands Enters Play to Earn Game Festival


The blockchain-powered trading card game Splinterlands will have a presence at the Play to Earn Game Festival. Players will be introduced into the basics of the trading card game and its play-to-earn mechanics. In addition fans of Splinterlands can join in an awesome giveaway during the event.

The Play to Earn Game Festival will introduce its audience to awesome blockchain-powered games, while also teaching visitors about the play-to-earn business model. It will be the biggest gaming festival in the metaverse.

“Splinterlands is one of the pioneers in the blockchain gaming space when it comes to the play-to-earn business model, and it makes a lot of sense to welcome them at the festival”, said Play to Earn founder Robert Hoogendoorn.

Splinterlands is a fast-paced trading card game powered by the Hive blockchain. Each card is a non-fungible token that comes in different rarities, dozens of different abilities, stats, and seven different Splinters. Players can combine cards to level them up, trade them, or lease the cards to other gamers. Even though Splinterlands is native to the Hive blockchain, a clever mechanism allows for card trading on Ethereum as well.

“We believe strongly in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and are happy to take part where possible in meetings and gatherings designed to spread that space. Crypto is very much a one way valve, in that, as people experience the benefits, particularly in gaming, we don’t see them going back to their old way of life. So, let’s spread the word, talk about the benefits of blockchain gaming, and usher in a new era together”, said Dr. Jesse “aggroed” Reich.

About Play to Earn Game Festival

The Play to Earn Game Festival is powered by the upcoming trading card game Synergy of Serra. The event is the very first gaming convention taking place in the metaverse. Gamers and enthusiast will be able to visit the event in virtual reality. They can use for example computers, smartphones and VR headsets. At the event they will see new and upcoming games that embrace the concept of play-to-earn, while enjoying video game art.

The Play to Earn Game Festival takes place from November 2nd until November 13th. The virtual event is free to visit, provides tons of valuable information and let’s visitors join in different raffles. So Follow Play to Earn Online Magazine on Twitter, Discord, and Substack to stay up-to-date and don’t miss out.

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