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Atari is a gaming company and publisher behind brands like Rollercoaster Tycoon, Arkanoid, Tempest and Missile Command. The company peaked in the early 80s, and nowadays put its focus on mobile games, gambling and blockchain technology.

Atari used to be one of the juggernauts in video games. Their Atari 2600 system was the pinnacle of gaming, getting all American kids excited even before Nintendo existed. But Atari got greedy, published crappy games, which ultimately resulted in the video game crash of 1983.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Atari still exists, even though it’s a brand spread out over multiple companies. The brand is still there, and they do more then just gaming. Nowadays Atari is more into gambling and mobile games, and with the rise of blockchain technology they’ve taken the driver’s seat.

Atari has its own Atari Token, which can be used on their gambling websites and in their gaming projects. They will also allow people to use the token in Atari’s own licensed casinos. The token, which has the ticker ATRI, should not be confused with the stock.

In addition they are working with multiple projects, including virtual arcades in The Sandbox and Decentraland. With the crowdfunded Atari VCS they have even entered the console market again, introducing blockchain gaming to console gamers. They also partnered with blockchain game distribution service Ultra, integrating the distribution service into their Atari VCS console. The company works on projects across a variety of blockchains, including Ethereum, Wax and the UOS blockchain service.

  • Atari Drops F2P and Mobile for Premium and Blockchain Games

    Atari Gaming is restructuring its business to focus on premium and blockchain gaming. It will wind down or sell off existing mobile free-to-play games. The new focus is to create meaningful gaming moments, which they believe is more achievable by focusing on premium games. Earlier this year, Atari announced a new blockchain division, which remains […]
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  • Blockchain-powered Atari VCS Console in Stores Today

    Starting from today the blockchain-powered Atari VCS gaming console will officially be available in stores. Gamers interested in picking one up, can do so at Micro Center and Best Buy. The consoles will soon also be available at GameStop. Gamers who are on top of things, will know that the Atari VCS has been in […]
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  • Retro Game Collectibles with Atari Capsule Collection

    Atari and Animoca Brands have announced the Atari Capsule Collection, a series of digital collectibles looking back at the history of Atari. These NFTs will be issued, starting from Tuesday March 30th, through digital collectibles platform Quidd. The NFTs will be available on both the Ethereum and the Harmony blockchain. The Atari Capsule Collection will […]
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  • Wear Atari Shoes in The Sandbox and Decentraland

    RTFKT Studios and Atari are launching digital sneaker NFTs that can also be used in virtual worlds like The Sandbox and Decentraland. Starting from 1PM EST or 6PM UTC these sneakers will go for sale in limited amounts on SuperRare and Rarible. These are part of the so-called Metaverse Drop. Buyers will acquire a virtual […]
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  • Esports Platform Chain Games Partners with Atari

    The blockchain-powered esports platform Chain Games will integrate Atari Token into its competitive gaming service and vice versa. In addition Atari’s CEO Frederic Chesnais will serve as an advisor for Chain Games moving forward. The two companies also did $200.000 token swap with a locking period of six months. Chain Games will allow the usage […]
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  • Decentraland Atari Game Jam Launches Tonight

    Tonight at 9PM UTC on Wednesday February 10th Decentraland is hosting its first game jam of 2021 in partnership with Atari. Visitors of the event will be able to grab a POAP and some exclusive Atari wearables. In addition the event is the start of a two week game jam themed after some of Atari’s […]
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  • Atari Building Virtual Arcade in Decentraland

    Atari will build an arcade inside the virtual world of Decentraland. In the arcade visitors will be able to play classic Atari games across different floors. In addition Decentraland will organize a game jam to have the community create games. The two companies announced the partnership on Tuesday. In the arcade visitors will play classic […]
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  • Enjin And Atari Bring Digital Fashion To Metaverse

    Atari and Enjin are working together to create digital fashion on the blockchain and bringing that to virtual worlds. They will work together with eBallR Games, The Fabricant and DressX to create digital haute couture that avatars can wear beyond the restrictions of walled digital gardens. The first digital fashion collection Atari and Enjin have […]
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  • Atari Brings Classic Kick Off! Series to Enjin

    Gaming company Atari, game studio EBallR Games and Enjin have signed a partnership to bring the classic football game Kick Off! to the blockchain. Kick Off Evolution will feature digital assets that tie into the Enjin multiverse and that owners can use outside the game. Atari has been making partnerships in the blockchain gaming space […]
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  • Official Atari Premium Assets for The Sandbox

    Atari will be selling premium assets during today’s land sale for The Sandbox. Certain pieces of land on premium location will have digital assets included in the purchase, among those assets are licensed creations based on famous Atari brands. Think about Pong arcade machine, classic game controllers, Centipedes, and other characters based on retro gaming […]
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