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War of Ants Selling Founder’s Tokens

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The newly announced competitive blockchain game War of Ants has launched the sale of their Founder’s Tokens on the Enjin Platform. For little under ten dollars (55 ENJ) investors will get a token that grants them in-game rewards for War of Ants and other games part of the Enjin multiverse. This is the first round in which 30 percent of the tokens are for sale.

The developers have made War of Ants for iOS and Android smartphones. In terms of gameplay it’s a bit comparable with titles like Clash Royale. The developers describe the game as a real-time player-versus-player mobile strategy game. The units are backed by crypto on the Enjin platform. Using rare artifacts and their armies, players need to wage war against other ant colonies.

In the future the team is planning the Colony Mode, which allows players to build an empire. Players will need to harvest resources, battle enemies and craft items in order to grow their power.

Gamers will need to get in touch with the Enjin technology. They need to download a free Enjin wallet and link their account to the game. However, buying assets is optional.

Enjin improving user experience

Over the past year Enjin has introduced all kinds of tools to make the use of blockchain technology in video games as easy as possible. The Enjin Platform allows for an easy way to add ENJ-backed game assets to a video game. In addition the platform has created software development kits for all kinds of game engines, including for small ones like Godot.

However, Enjin is not a holy grail. Garage Studios recently decided to move away from the platform. Because Enjin is tied to the Ethereum network, they don’t have faith in its future. They believe Ethereum will not be fast enough to solve its gas fee problems, and Garage Studios doesn’t want to wait for that.

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