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War of Ants Player Base Increased Tenfold

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Since War of Ants launched its game in open beta on Android devices on September 1st, the player base is up 1077 percent. Currently there are over one hundred players per day, and that amount keeps increasing. Ultimately War of Ants will also make an appearance on iOS devices.

These first steps towards success are important, as War of Ants needs to capture an audience. A competitive game like War of Ants needs a strong player base to succeed. The user data in regards to the player base will surely satisfy the developers.

Two months ago the developers already tapped into the Enjin community. Back then War of Ants launched a Founder’s Token, which grants players in-game rewards in this game and other games using the Enjin platform.

Right now War of Ants is best compared with competitive mobile games like Clash Royale. War of Ants differentiates itself by having all units stored on the blockchain. These game assets are non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, backed by the value of ENJ tokens. Using rare artifacts and their armies, players need to wage war against other ant colonies.

In the future the team is planning the Colony Mode, which allows players to build an empire. Players will need to harvest resources, battle enemies and craft items in order to grow their power. War of Ants is available for Android devices and will soon come to iOS as well.

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