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Polygonal Mind To Auction 100 Unique Avatars

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Starting from this Wednesday Polygonal Mind will auction 100 unique avatars on Opensea through a dutch auction. The price on these digital characters will drop from 6.1 ETH to 0.5 ETH over a period of 7 days. Each of these Crypto Avatars is unique, and will sell to the first person putting money on the table.

Crypto Avatars is a platform where designers can tokenize their virtual reality avatars using blockchain technology. For the auction of these one hundred characters, the team of Crypto Avatars worked together with seven different designers from all over the world.

The avatars can already by previewed on Opensea, and upon purchase they can be used inside different virtual worlds. Think about for example Decentraland, VR Chat and Somnium Space. The idea is that the avatar provides one identity across different games, and therefore giving players a sense of identity.

Last week Polygonal Mind revealed their first Crypto Avatars. Orion was the first Crypto Avatar ever created, and sold for 4 thousand dollars. Aurora, the first female avatar, sold for 2250 dollars. These avatars can for example be used in Decentraland, VR Chat and other virtual reality environments.

Unique assets and virtual worlds

There’s lots of demand for unique assets and virtual worlds. In player-owned virtual worlds like Decentraland, Somnium Space and The Sandbox the price of land has increased tremendously. In addition there’s a general demand for unique assets on the blockchain, ranging from hundreds of dollars for in-game cards to one hundred thousand dollars for programmable art.

The Sandbox has 82 thousand dollars in trading volume in the past seven days. Currently the cheapest land is selling for 0.39 ETH, or 132 dollars. That’s three times the price that investors paid during the pre-sales. In Somnium Space the cheapest land parcels now cost 476 dollars, while the cheapest land in Decentraland costs 8000 MANA or 564 dollars. In addition the cheapest virtual real-estate for Cryptovoxels currently goes for 0.61 ETH.

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