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Polygonal Mind’s Megacube Finished in One Week

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Over the course of one week 2416 different players have been chipping away tiles from a gigantic Megacube inside Decentraland. Polygonal Mind has created the biggest multiplayer game in Decentraland thus far. During the week an average of 130 players were chipping away tiles from the Megacube at any given moment.

Players who were removing tiles from the Megacube, would find all kinds of prizes. Ranging from artworks by Art Blocks, collectibles from Avastars and our very own $PLAY tokens. The last layer gave away nine different Cryptoavatars, while the final prizes – won by SpartyBJones7821 – provided ERC20 tokens and NFTs from all sponsors involved in the project.

Gamification of virtual worlds is something that’s becoming increasingly popular. While virtual worlds have been art galleries and presentation rooms for some time now, 2021 will bring a lot more gaming into the metaverse. Decentraland was the first, The Sandbox will follow later this year, and Cryptovoxels is looking to add more gamification options as well.

Polygonal Mind active in the metaverse

Polygonal Mind isn’t only responsible for the Megacube. They are a group of artists and developers who are very active in the metaverse. The team is known for their unique 3D avatars, that they auction every week under the CryptoAvatars label.

In addition they are working on an online adventure RPG called Dethrone, which will come to The Sandbox soon. The studio is working on nine different projects at the same time, across a variety of platforms and virtual worlds.

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