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Ultra Added to Blockchain Games Console Atari

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The blockchain-powered digital games distribution platform Ultra will be accessible on the upcoming Atari VCS game console. At the same time the gaming company will make some of its classic games available through Ultra. The two parties announced the mutual agreement on Thursday.

Ultra is working on a platform that gives gamers a true sense of ownership over digital assets. Ownership contracts make sure that there’s a limited supply on games, and game owners can sell their digital games legally on a secondary market. The benefit for game developers is that they will earn money over secondary sales.

In addition it makes sense that Ultra signs a partnership with Atari. The legendary gaming company recently announced the system’s focus on blockchain gaming. The entire Ultra platform will integrate into the system, allowing users to buy, download and play, to trade games, live stream gameplay, trade in-game assets and create esports tournaments.

The console first hit the news when Atari launched a crowdfunding campaign to create the system. They managed to get 3 million dollars on Indiegogo. The system costs 389.99 dollars, which is on par with the Playstation 5 and Xbox One Series X. Originally the Atari VCS was scheduled for a release in March. Now gamers will be able to buy the Atari VCS using Atari’s own Atari Tokens, or Ultra’s UOS tokens later this year.

Atari moving big into blockchain

Atari and Animoca Brands have recently expanded their partnership which now includes the global development and distribution rights for several brands including Pong, Asteroids and Centipede. In total Animoca gets access to fifteen titles.

The list also includes Breakout, Missile Command, Tempest, Lunar Lander, Space Duel, Agent X, Night Driver, Star Raiders and more. Atari is also making a theme park in the blockchain-powered virtual world of The Sandbox. In addition the gaming company is diving into cryptocurrencies with the launch of its own in-game currency Atari Token.

Atari Token is an upcoming native currency for an online gaming ecosystem. The game company wants to integrate their token in as many gaming products. They will allow people to use the token in Atari’s own luck-basedgames. In addition Atari signed an agreement for the music game Invector, the company also has a license for Rollercoaster Tycoon, while it owns classic brands like Centipede and Asteroids.

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