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Heroes of Mavia Land Sale Whitelist Applications are Open

Heroes of Mavia

The upcoming base builder game Heroes of Mavia will soon open its first land sale. As for many projects, you will need to secure yourself a spot on the whitelist in order to participate. Here are the details in order to become one of the first settlers on the Mavia island.

Heroes of Mavia is an ambitious project. The Skrice Studios team is building a AAA blockchain game. Their goal is to blend features from successful projects. Imagine Clash of Clans meeting Axie Infinity and you got a recipe for success.

Mavia’s 3 types of NFTs

The game will revolve around three types of NFTs: Bases (or Lands), Heroes and Statues. Bases are the core of Heores of Mavia. Owing a base is the prerequisite in order to play the game.

Bases, Heroes and Statues

Heroes are here to assist the player in attacking enemies and defending its base. Statues can be placed on a base to boost the base’s stats.

Land Sale Whitelist Process

In order to participate in the first land (or base) sale, you will need to apply to get a spot on the whitelist. The team’s approach to get on the whitelist is quality over quantity. The goal is not to spam your friends or network with Discord invites. They want to encourage the community to participate depending on their profile and talents.

The whitelist spot will be share across four pools:

  • Art and Meme Creation Pool — 300 whitelist spots available
  • Content Pool — 900 whitelist spots available
  • Community Pool — 700 whitelist spots available
  • Influencers Pool — 100 whitelist spots available

Each pool has its own rules and judging criteria. You can find all the details and links to the application forms on their Medium post.

The application process is already open and will end on January 20th. Winners will be announced on January 23rd.

Winners will be able to acquire 3 type of lands: Common, Rare and Legendary. Depending on the quality of your submission, you will be able to mint 1 or more land plots.

These lands are all part of the tropical region of Mavia, which is the first region available to mint. In the future, other regions will be open.

What is Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is a base building blockchain game inspired by Clash of Clans and developed by Skrice Studios. The game is set in a fantasy island called Mavia. Each player is the commander of its base. The objective to grow your base and your army by using resources gained from attacking enemy bases.

Mavia uses a dual token economy based on the RUBY and MAVIA tokens. MAVIA is the governance token and the currency used to buy and sell NFTs. RUBY is the in-game reward currency and is used to upgrade NFTs, purchase resources or skins and decorations for your base.

Overview of the MAVIA and RUBY ecosystem

Mavia will also offer its own marketplace to ensure a smooth and seamless experience to buy and sell the game’s NFTs.
Heores of Mavia is set to launch in Q4 2022 with initial alpha & beta testing set to start in Q2 and Q3.