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Catching up With Axie Infinity

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The Axie Infinity ecosystem continues to expand, adding new games, opening up existing games to more people, and making Axies useful in an increasing number of apps. And don’t forget about their own gaming chain, the Ronin network, which continues to grow and onboard new partners!

Axie Infinity is one of those systems that we could potentially write a new article about on a daily basis. From their humble beginnings as a somewhat simple, turn-based, creature-battling game, Axie has weathered tough times and come out stronger, developing into a gaming behemoth that just seems to keep growing!

So let’s take a look at some of the recent happenings in the Axie ecosystem.

Axie Origins

Axie Origins is in the final phase of Season 7.With the ability to evolve Axies and level up specific Parts just introduced a few months ago, the meta has shifted around quite a bit as players try different combos and evolution paths. The competition is fierce and the seasonal rewards plentiful. Will a new meta arise during this final run of the season? Only seven days left to try and grab a spot on the leaderboards!

Axie Champions

Axie Champions, a mobile, match-3 game, is now live. Available for Android devices, players can link their Ronin wallet and earn CUBE tokens with their Axies. CUBE is an in-game token, but it can be exchanged for AXS tokens, giving Axie owners a play and earn opportunity.

Axie Champions is not yet available in the official app stores. You will need to download the .apk file from the website and install it on your Android device.

Axie Homeland

Axie Homeland, the base-building, crafting and battling game, is now open to all players. If you don’t own a land plot, you can rent one from other players through the integrated marketplace.

Axie Homeland players can also now earn AXP, or Axie Experience Points for their Axies. Each Axie can earn up to 10,000 experience points a day, earned by gathering crafting, and other such activities.

The Homeland team has also outline their planned path forward for the game. They want to build Homeland into a social strategy game that includes both PvP and PvE elements. And Axies will see more integration into the game, including in a social experience that allows players to meet up and chat with each other. You can read more in a recent post from the Homeland team.

Ronin Network

The Ronin network also appears to be gaining some steam with games such as The Machines Arena and Pixels, among others, migrating to the Ronin chain. In fact, The Machines Arena has just opened up NFT minting from their game onto the Ronin chain. And with Pixels currently hosting over 350k active users ever week, things seem to be looking up for this gaming focused chain.

If you want to learn more about the Ronin chain, you check out their official documentation.

To learn more about Axie Infinity and everything else involved with the ecosystem, start with their website, then follow them on Twitter and join their Discord chat.

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