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Everseed Opens Second Game Demo

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After dropping a surprise gameplay demo earlier this month, Everseed ends July with a second, expanded demo. Available to anyone who owns an Everseed Ranger, this demo includes a tutorial and several maps to get players used to the game. But a new addition for round two is a battle map called Proving Grounds that costs Favor to join.

Leading up to their game release, Everseed decided to release a web-based staking game to let owners of Ranger NFTs earn Favor, an in-game currency. In game terms, the Rangers are building an Outpost to help defend against the encroaching blight. In NFT terms, you’re holding your Ranger NFT in one wallet and not moving it around. Players who own Everseed Rangers begin accumulating Favor as their Ranger builds an Outpost.

When a Ranger first lands in a new wallet, it takes four days before they can start building. Multiple Rangers can work at the same Outpost. You can also attach up to three wallets to one Outpost. Playing the Everseed Ranger staking game does require linking your wallet with the Ranger(s) in it to their Discord. Favor is a game currency only, and attached to the Ranger who earned it. If a Ranger is transferred between wallets, their accumulated Favor is lost.

Everseed Rangers

This is a nice way to reward those who are actually invested in the game rather than looking for a quick flip. There is also no interaction required once your wallet is connected. Just sit back and let the Favor roll in!

And you will need some of that Favor to play the new map addition, Proving Grounds, in the latest demo release.

Everseed Demo

The Everseed Demo is available for download and play for anyone who owns an Everseed Ranger.

The Everseed tower defense game is pretty standard, though the maps are more open and freeform than most. Players can place defenses in the creeps’ path, forcing them to reroute. The defenses are various plant themed units such as Basic Seeds and Sapweed. Each map involves defeating several waves of creeps. Much of the map is covered in Blight at the start, forcing players to remove it before they can place defenses. Players can also water the ground, which results in the plants in that area growing bigger every round.

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And if you want to play the new Proving Grounds map in this demo, it requires Favor. Each run costs 25 Favor, with the Ranger earning 25 experience points for a win. After three wins, that Ranger can no longer gain any experience, and the Proving Grounds map becomes free to play. Rangers who win three matches and earn 75 experience can rank up to level 2! But you’ll probably need a little practice first. Word has it that the Proving Grounds map is a significant step up in difficulty from the tutorial battles!

And though it may be hard to get excited about another tower defense game, it’s important to remember that this is just a stepping stone. As seems to be the trend in long-term blockchain gaming projects, Everseed is offering some preliminary content to rewards early investors while they work on building out their full game.

The last demo only lasted a few days, so you should plan on this one ending soon as well.

What is Everseed?

Everseed social hub
Everseed Social Hub

Everseed is a web3 game in development on the Solana blockchain. Combining rogue-type gameplay with tower defense, Everseed bills itself as a ‘farm-to-tabletop MMO’. I’m not entirely sure what they mean by that, but they are very focused on community and building for the players. Players go out on adventures where sometimes they must make story or quest decisions, and other times they have to defend against waves of creeps in Blighted Groves.

Players own Ranger and Companion NFTs, which can be leveled up after successful adventures. When not adventuring, players spend time in a social town hub. Here players can chat with each other, customize their adventure gear, craft, grow crops, form guilds, and all that sort of good stuff. The game will offer seasonal content as well as permanent progression paths. Everseed will be free to play and the team considers free to play players a core part of the game.

There is not a lot of documentation about the game yet. The website is pretty bare bones, and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of whitepaper or litepaper. You can read a few blog posts from the Everseed team on Substack. The game is not yet available, though the team has been releasing short demos / tests of early builds of their tower defense game.

Open beta for Everseed is expected in mid 2023.

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